The Commuter

Clinging desperately to the undercarriage of the Mediocrity Express, "The Commuter" hopefully marks the last in this string of bad Liam Neeson action films.

Phantom Thread

"Phantom Thread" is a beautiful-looking, emotionally vacant tale about an irredeemable man and the young woman who becomes his latest muse, and prisoner.

I, Tonya

It's not the revelation of truth about the Tonya Harding fiasco that it wants to be, but "I, Tonya" is plenty of fun and features solid, oddball performances.

Molly’s Game

Aaron Sorkin’s directorial debut is surprising and witty, but its humanity is undercut by its look-at-me script. Maybe stay at your writing desk, Sorkin.

The Greatest Showman

It's a High School Musical-style take on the rise of P. T. Barnum, complete with sugary coating and bland musical numbers. Have fun.

All the Money in the World

This "inspired by" look at the then-famous kidnapping of tycoon J. Paul Getty's heir is a straight-ahead, engaging procedural that shows off Christopher Plummer's chops.


Surely the most disappointing film of the awards season, in which a seemingly smart satire about consumerism and environmentalism systematically flushes itself down the toilet.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

It's doesn't break free of its commercial cash-grab roots, but it does at least attempt to have some genuine fun with what it has to offer.