A stellar, thought-provoking film that exemplifies everything we love about science-fiction.

Game Night

While not uproariously funny, this story about a kidnapping game gone real brings the fun through charming characters and a zigzagging mystery plot.

Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool

Annette Bening and Jamie Bell pour their hearts into their performances in this portrait of a real May-November romance between a faded Hollywood icon and her young beau.

Happy End

French master Michael Haneke ("Amour") stumbles with this dour meditation on estrangement, suicide and other familial pleasures.

On Body and Soul

"On Body and Soul" finds its footing in the second hour but Hungarian Oscar nominee doesn't live up to potential as great love story.


A group of young Parisians orchestrate a series of terrorist attacks and then spend the night hiding in a department store.

Black Panther

Though it is another good entry to the MCU, "Black Panther" also transcends its connective franchise tissue to send a more human, poignant message than most.

Early Man

The reliable Aardman Animations studio suffers a rare disappointment in this lumpy-headed tale of prehistoric man and soccer.