ReelBob: ‘Southpaw’s’ strong performances cannot outbox ring clichés

By Bob Bloom “Southpaw” is a solid and violent boxing feature that leans more toward middleweight status than the heavyweight class of such classics as “Raging Bull” or “Somebody Up There Likes Me.” The movie chronicles a beefed-up Jake Gyllenhaal as Billy Hope, a champion at the pinnacle of success, who, after a tragedy, loses […]
Marvel's Ant-Man

Scott Lang/Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) 

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ReelBob: ‘Ant-Man’ fights to find its own voice in Marvel universe

By Bob Bloom “Ant-Man” is a conflicted feature that tries to be its own movie, while constrained by the dictates and expectations of the Marvel universe. With the likable Paul Rudd buffed up to portray Scott Lang, former cat burglar-turned-superhero, “Ant-Man” has a self-deprecating and witty edge. On the other hand, it goes to great […]

Southpaw - featured


Riveting performances by Jake Gyllenhaal and Forest Whitaker, but "Southpaw" follows the boxing drama template 1-2-3.
In the new movie "Pixels," Adam Sandler plays a former video game champ who battles video game characters.


On one hand a predictably bad Adam Sandler movie, but there is fun to be had with "Pixels."

Paper Towns - featured

Paper Towns

Movies like "Paper Towns" show us a startling picture of young people as they actually are, rather than how we'd like them to be.
Trainwreck - inside


Amy Schumer's a brilliant sketch comedy writer. But her attempt at feature-length screenwriting is hit-and-miss.