The Disaster Artist

“The Disaster Artist” is a very fun and entertaining film that amuses and informs, without every truly getting below the surface of these characters.

Darkest Hour

A film of speech rather than action, "Darkest Hour" coasts on a strong performance by Gary Oldman.

ReelBob: ‘Loving Vincent’ ★★★★

An imaginative way to look at the impact of the artwork and life of Vincent Van Gogh.


Surprisingly even-handed look at Vatican II through the eyes of an aspiring young candidate for the sisterhood.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Darkly hilarious, dryly whimsical, and unflinchingly sincere, Three Billboards is not only McDonagh’s best—it's a truly perfect film.

Last Flag Flying

A trio of ex-soldiers come to grips with the youngsters they were and the old men they are becoming in this engaging road trip picture.

Roman J. Israel, Esq.

Though it's Washington's most interesting performance in years, "Israel" isn't satisfying enough to be worth remembering for anything besides its protagonist.


Wildly imaginative and emotive, "Coco" is a fantastic blend of color and music that is easily the best animated film of the year.