Beatriz at Dinner

A caustic comedy of manners that cuts down the American elite, this film fills the theater with a timely chill.

Transformers: The Last Knight

For the sake of fun, I guess, or something like it.

The Hero

Sam Elliott shines playing a sort-of version of himself, an aging cowboy actor who received news both good and bad while dangling at the end of his rope.

Band Aid

Director/writer/star Zoe Lister-Jones breaks out in this funny/smart dramedy about the gender marital wars.

Rough Night

“Rough Night” may seem like just another raunchy comedy, but it has something deep to say about friendship that may surprise you.

47 Meters Down

If this movie looks like an underwater clone of last year's "The Shallows," that's because it is. Disposable entertainment, it's got bite enough.

Cars 3

An unexpected left turn for the animated franchise, combining zippy action for kids and some surprisingly hefty contemplation about life passing us by.

Paris Can Wait

An unexpected delight starring Diane Lane as an older woman rediscovering romance with a stranger as they travel through France.