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Image for Dolphin Tale 2

Dolphin Tale 2

3 yaps

Equal parts eye-rolling and heartwarming, “Dolphin Tale 2″ is a movie you’ll vaguely remember later on. Continue reading

Image for As Above/So Below

As Above/So Below

3 yaps

“As Above/So Below” takes audiences on a haunted hayride through a maze of bones, ghosts and pop psychology. Continue reading

Image for The November Man

The November Man

3 yaps

Pierce Brosnan is the latest older actor to tackle the Geezer Spy genre. Though he has a creased, commanding presence, the story is scattershot. Continue reading

Image for Rich  Hill

Rich Hill

3.5 yaps

“Rich Hill” is a pure and polished doc, but it feels like the beginning of a noble endeavor rather than its fulfillment. Continue reading

Image for When the Game Stands Tall

When the Game Stands Tall

4.5 yaps

By eschewing the rah-rah conventions of the sports genre, “The Game Stands Tall” shines a light on what it takes to be great, not to win. Continue reading

… to a Theater Near You
Image for New movie trailers: The Pyramid, Rosewater, Monsters

New movie trailers: The Pyramid, Rosewater, Monsters

This weeks crop of movie trailers includes Jon Stewart’s directorial debut, a “Monsters” sequel, horror offerings Continue reading

The Film Yap Lexicon
Image for Grand Theft Easy

Grand Theft Easy

In movies where characters need to steal a car, they will have very little trouble locating spare keys or otherwise getting the car started. Continue reading

Image for “No Good Deed” on top

“No Good Deed” on top

Despite a cynical ploy by the studio to cancel all advance screenings of “No Good Deed,” the home invasion thriller led the box office with $24 million. Continue reading

Image for Summer Yappies 2014

Summer Yappies 2014

Joe Shearer, Nick Rogers and Christopher Lloyd reveal and debate the winners of the 2014 Summer Yappies Awards! Continue reading

DVD Reviews
Image for Godzilla


3 yaps

It takes a long time to get going, but once Big G shows up, “Godzilla” is exactly the summer movie thrill ride we were expecting. Continue reading

The Schlock Vault
Image for Terror of Mechagodzilla (1975)

Terror of Mechagodzilla (1975)

4 yaps

In the final film of the Showa era, Godzilla returns to display the badassery that earned him the moniker “The King of the Monsters.” Continue reading

Image for Cerina Vincent, “MoniKa”

Cerina Vincent, “MoniKa”

The actress from “Cabin Fever” and “Not Another Teen Movie” talks about her latest, “MoniKa,” Twitter and being a Power Ranger. Continue reading

Image for Fall Film Preview 2014

Fall Film Preview 2014

A sneak peak of the fall and winter movies vying for Oscars, ticket sales and attention. Continue reading

Reeling Backward
Image for Crimes and Misdemeanors (1989)

Crimes and Misdemeanors (1989)

3.5 yaps

Woody Allen’s much-lauded drama about morality and guilt splits the difference between two interesting characters, and loses its way. Continue reading