Jake Gyllenhaal's touching performance as Jake Bauman takes you into the heart and soul of a man who believes he is an undeserving hero.

Brad’s Status

Writer / director Mike White's black-comedy contemplation on our collective tendency to self-criticize and self-aggrandize has some surprisingly deep pokes to take.


Great performances, wonderful technical work and dedication to chaos creates a horror film that it's hard to believe a studio distributed as a wide release.

American Assassin

Despite toying with some interesting developments, "American Assassin" makes a habit of wasting opportunities at distinction by choosing the commercial road.

California Typewriter

A warm and affectionate look at the typewriter, those who still cling to it and those who collect them.

Viceroy’s House

This historical drama is undermined by a clichéd star-crossed love story.

The Good Catholic

The message of balance between the spiritual and the worldly is an admirable one. But a solid theme hardly makes The Good Catholic worth its confused tone and dull script.


"It" is a beautifully old-fashioned horror flick. You'll feel like a kid again as it washes over you. You'll float, too.