"Breathe" mostly stays away from the standard "disabled person inspires others" tropes, with another wonderful performance by Andrew Garfield.

The Snowman

Without an arc for its protagonist (or really anyone), and feeling particularly underdeveloped and trimmed-down, The Snowman can't make much of an impression.

Only the Brave

This throwback filmmaker thriller/drama tells the story of the Granite Mountain Hotshots, the elite of the elite of wildfire containment.

Too Funny to Fail

In 1996, the most sure-fire hit in the history of TV crashed and burned like the sweet meteor o' death. This documentary sifts through the ashes and finds comedy gold.

The Florida Project

Warm, radiant, tragic, and authentic, "The Florida Project" looks at the harsh realities of those in poverty through the vibrant hopefulness of children's eyes.

ReelBob: ‘Professor Marston & the Wonder Women’ ★★★★½

By Bob Bloom William Moulton Marston is known for two creations — an early prototype of the lie detector and Wonder Woman. In the year that Wonder Woman smashes onto the big screen in a big-budget superhero film, it is apropos that a movie explaining Marston’s inspiration for his Amazonian character also is released. In […]

Happy Death Day

If you’re reading this review, perhaps you have already watched the trailer for Happy Death Day, Blumhouse Productions’ (Insidious, Purge, Oculus) newest release.  Almost immediately after watching the trailer I thought, “What a freakin’ rip-off! This is exactly the same scenario as ‘Groundhog Day.’”  It does pay homage to the Bill Murray inspiration, so it seemed like […]


It's a straight-down-the-line "great man" biopic, but "Marshall" makes up for its lack of originality with assurance and Chadwick Boseman's superlative performance as a civil rights titan.