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Recent Movie Reviews
Image for Under the Skin

Under the Skin

4 yaps

This challenging, eerie sci-fi/horror film with Scarlett Johansson as a supernatural predator is not for everybody. In fact, it’s not for most everybody. Continue reading

Image for Ernest & Celestine

Ernest & Celestine

4.5 yaps

The charming Oscar-nominated animated gem finally makes its way to these shores, and it’s well worth the wait. Continue reading

Image for Nymphomaniac Vol. 2

Nymphomaniac Vol. 2

3.5 yaps

An asexual virgin and a nymphomaniac walk into a bar…aka “Nymphomaniac Vol. 2.” Continue reading

Image for Island of Lemurs: Madagascar (2014)

Island of Lemurs: Madagascar (2014)

3.5 yaps

A documentary that offers viewers a chance to see these incredible, charismatic animals in an experience unlike any other on this planet, literally. Continue reading

Image for Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

4.5 yaps

With aggression more akin to Christopher Nolan’s Batman films than Marvel’s pop spectacle, this sequel tests Cap’s mettle & metal in mighty, entertaining ways. Continue reading

… to a Theater Near You
Image for “Dragon” sequel, new X-Men Clip, Hoffman

“Dragon” sequel, new X-Men Clip, Hoffman

New trailer for the “How to Train Your Dragon” sequel, an “X-Men” clip, and one of Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s last films. Continue reading

The Film Yap Lexicon
Image for The Big Boo

The Big Boo

There’s a ghost! Oh…it’s gone now. Continue reading

Image for “Rio 2″ gives Captain America a run

“Rio 2″ gives Captain America a run

The little-heralded “Rio 2″ nearly upended “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” in the weekend box office race. Continue reading

Image for Summer Movie Preview 2014

Summer Movie Preview 2014

Christopher Lloyd and his special guests talk about summer movies, and why the season seems to start earlier every year. Continue reading

DVD Reviews
Image for The Invisible Woman (2013)

The Invisible Woman (2013)

3 yaps

A wonderfully shot period piece capturing the relationship between author Charles Dickens and his mistress. Continue reading

The Schlock Vault
Image for Lifeforce (1985)

Lifeforce (1985)

4.5 yaps

“Lifeforce” is a perfectly sealed ’80s sci-fi time capsule — a tale of Halley’s Comet, buxom space vampires and a touch of Patrick Stewart for good measure. Continue reading

Image for Wes Anderson, “The Grand Budapest Hotel”

Wes Anderson, “The Grand Budapest Hotel”

Director Wes Anderson, along with cast and crew of “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” discussed the film at a post-screening Q&A at Chicago’s Music Box Theatre. Continue reading

Image for Captain America: The Winter Soldier Clues, Hints and References

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Clues, Hints and References

All the hidden Marvel goodies in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Warning: Spoilers ahead! Continue reading

Reeling Backward
Image for The Men (1950)

The Men (1950)

3.5 yaps

Marlon Brando, Fred Zinnemann and Carl Foreman were all in the early part of their careers in “The Men,” a flawed but promising drama about paralyzed soldiers. Continue reading