2009 Indy Int'l Film Festival

Animated American

This razor-sharp short takes a timely poke at the way computer animation has effectively banished traditional hand-drawn cartoons to the nether. How best to satirize this sad trend? By making the cartoons come to life — in 2-D, of course — and exacting their revenge on a smarmy studio chief.

The CG wunderkind, who has fired all the toons, is out searching for a new mansion with his va-va-voom girlfriend. The realtor runs late, and who should take his place but Max Rabbit, cartoon actor turned real estate agent. Max — who boasts about having “pencil-tested for Roger Rabbit” — soon gets into a confrontation with the jerk, and much hilarity ensues. A great-looking black-and-white combo of live action and old-school animation, with a sly wit.

4.5 Yaps

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