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Adult animation


Just because it’s ‘toon doesn’t mean it’s for toddlers. This week Joe and Chris yap about animated movies made for adults.

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2 Responses to “Adult animation”

  1. Steven Holdren says:

    Tim Burton was made some great movies. Hopefully he will make many more. He has a great imagination and works with great people. You can’t make animated movies like he has without a lot of people behind the scenes working long hard hours to doing their best work, to do it right.

  2. "…emotionally stunted adults"

    Great line.

    I recently wrote a post myself on this topic pointing out that Animation is very much a viable medium for adult oriented stories and characters. If you get down to it go back and watch Bugs Bunny. While there is plenty there for the kids, there is also another level that you really only get as an adult.