2009 Heartland Film Festival


Acholiland - inside

Extraordinarily powerful short drama about European relief workers in Northern Uganda during the civil war of the late 1990s who are faced with a terrible choice, and others must suffer the consequences.

Writer/director Dean Israelite puts the audience into the middle of the jeapordy, making us feel the emotion and turmoil. Kohl (Christian Oliver), the German leader of a relief crew, drops off a large load of food at a village. The parents and children there are worried about militia attacks in which young ones are kidnapped to be soldiers or sex slaves.

Just after the delivery is complete, Kohl gets a radio call from his boss telling him the food supplies for the refugee camp were captured, and orders him to return to the village to take back half the supplies they just delivered. The anguish is palpable as they reluctantly follow these instructions.

Kohl determines the best solution is to transport the children from the village back to the rescue camp, but sure enough they are stopped by the militia. A harrowing decision must be made between two awful options, both of which will result in life or death consequences for people. 21 minutes.

4.5 Yaps

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