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Werewolves on Wheels (1971)

werewolves on wheels

A werewolf biker film with very little werewolfage, “Werewolves on Wheels” tries to make up for its shortcomings¬† in other ways.

You know, like lots of boobies and weird druids and bikers trucking around on their bikes beating people up.

There’s not much of a story to speak of, but really, what would be the point anyway? A bunch of hardscrabble denim-and-leather-wearing rapscallions speed around the highways, then encounter some screwy druids who turn them into werewolves.

There you have it.

There is, as I mentioned, copius jiggly nudity, including one scene where the bikers have sort of commandeered a restaurant, when an older gentleman wanders in and is treated to quite a show from one of the biker babes. When her corresponding biker brute gets a little frisky, the old coot decides he wants in whether it’s occupied or not.

The gang is a rather gregarious bunch, more or less harmless unless provoked (as they are early on, when a couple of bored rednecks decide to run one of the bikers off the road. Let’s say they made a poor choice, and were let off fairly easily.

Eventually the gang interrupts a group of druids in the middle of a ceremony. But keeping with the mellow tone of the film, the druids welcome the bikers and give them bread and wine, and sneak in a little werewolf curse. The bikers thank them and go on their way.

Soon the bikers find themselves being killed off a couple at a time, and none of them seem especially concerned, until the (kinda) rousing finale, where we finally see some of the hairy beasts.

“Werewolves on Wheels” is leisurely viewing for the b-movie freak, the schlock equivalent of a Saturday afternoon movie. Mildly diverting, but not especially interesting, it’s worth watching, and isn’t lacking an enjoyable moment or two, but it’s not particularly memorable (only a day after watching, I revisited the film’s trailer and noticed at least 3 scenes I had forgot happened), and as werewolf movies go, I’d even call its lack of lycan activity disappointing.

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