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Critics Hate Horror


In this week’s podcast show, Joe and Chris talk about how film critics as a whole do not care for horror films. We explore the issue about whether the Roger Eberts of the world are biased against films that go, “Boo!”

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One Response to “Critics Hate Horror”

  1. Matt Jones says:

    Critics shouldn’t feel bad. Most horror movies these days are nothing but pointless exercises in sadism. As mentioned on the podcast, the torture porn really sickens me.

    Good job of noting the "Living Dead" and "of the Dead" split. John Russo was the guy who took the Living Dead series name. But yes, the eating of the brains discussion in "Return of the Living Dead" was pretty funny to me. They eat the brains to dull the pain of being dead. I guess that makes sense…

    Oh, and after picking up many of those original Japanese horror films at my local library and watching them, I’ve given up on them. They’re pretty much just as crappy as any of the US horror films, just with the allure of subtitles and the ‘mystique’ of not understanding what the actors are saying.