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She’s Out of My League

by on March 12, 2010
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A passably enjoyable gross-out romcom, “She’s Out of My League” has as much to do with Gen-Y self-loathing as straight-out romance.

Kirk (Baruchel) is skinny, nerdy, and works airport security. Molly (Alice Eve) is a sexy go-getter, a successful event planner who is manicured from head to toe (as one character points out), looks like a model and hangs out at (and plans) the coolest parties in town.

When chance brings these two together (she leaves her cell phone at security in her haste to get to her plane), an unlikely romance sparks, leaving Kirk (and his friends…her friends too) completely baffled.

Kirk still lives at home, where his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend hang out like the little sister from hell, and his big brother (Kyle Bornheimer) and his pregnant fiance trash-talk and bully him the way redneck big brothers are apt to do.

He’s aptly embarrassed and self-conscious, then, when this bombshell starts showing him attention, he can’t seem to muster enough self-confidence to allow himself to hang on to her.

“League” is admittedly cookie cutter, employing the patented Apatow icky, sticky sweet method, which mixes rude sight gags and saucy dialog with a heaping of sappy romance, coining terms (man+poodle=moodle) to convey narrative points and not being too proud to employ a premature ejaculation bit for laughs. 

It’s the kind of film where a character named Stainer (T.J. Miller) plays a big role, but somehow manages to summon up enough intelligence and heart to lift it above the level of lowbrow fare like “I Love You Beth Cooper” or “Miss March.”

In trying to categorize this film, I considered throwing it into the “bromance” bin, but as it’s more about the romance between man and a woman, and not hetero man love ala “I Love You, Man,” it doesn’t quite fit. A more accurate term might be “dick flick,” which also matches the vulgar nature of the material and the attitudes of the sidekick characters (and, you know, since the lead character is a man).

You likely won’t be blown away by the gags or the love story (if you’ve seen films of this ilk before), but this fun little comedy will massage your funny bone enough for a good time, but is one a guy can certainly bring his girlfriend to and both parties will leave satisfied.