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Video extras: The Good, the Bad and the Chintzy

In this week’s show, Joe and Chris yap about video extras — why some are so sublime, and others suck so hard.

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UPDATE: I’ve since learned that the LOTR trilogy is coming out on Blu-ray April 6. However, I’ve heard that it’s only the theatrical versions, not the extended versions.  –Chris

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5 Responses to “Video extras: The Good, the Bad and the Chintzy”

  1. Tyler L. says:

    Another reason studios are putting more special features on to blu-ray’s because the main customers for the new format are the same ones who would throw down extra money for two-disc editions of a DVD. The typical consumer generally just wants the movie and doesn’t feel the need to spend extra money on blu-ray’s.

  2. Just a quick programming note — we’ve been getting so many hits for this podcast that we exceeded our bandwidth and got shut down by our host. After a little panic and an upgrade, things are back up and running. Sorry for anyone who dropped by and found a broken podcast, but it’s working now.

  3. Greg says:

    The talk of being "lucky to sqeeze the movie in" when talking about VHS made me feel a little nostalgic – thanks for reminding us just how great DVD and Blu-Ray technology is (though the UK release of "Titanic" was on just the one tape!).

    Thanks for a fascinating listen. First time here – will be sure to come back.

  4. Joe Shearer says:

    I don’t think either of us said we hadn’t heard of them, and you must be speaking about me, since Chris brought them up. I certainly have heard of them, I just don’t own any of them. I think I said I hadn’t heard of a forthcoming blu ray release of those sets, though. Maybe that’s what you heard. But we are both very familiar with those DVD sets.

  5. Jack says:

    Who has the balls to call himself a DVD reviewer and haven’t even heard of about the Lord of the Rings extended special editions? As the other guy said, they are pretty much the gold standard of DVD releases.