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by on July 13, 2010
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A crackling mockumentary short, “Roshambo” will leave you in stitches more than a game of “Rock, Paper, Scissors” should.

“Roshambo” focuses on a fictional RPS league and its annual world championships. We get “insight from the world’s leading RPS history “expert” who really only seems to know he knows very little about the “sport”‘s history. That doesn’t stop him from relaying a hilarious origin to the sport that is almost certainly total BS.

We then cut to the opening tournament, following some contenders: a man who behaves as if he’s dunking on guys in the NBA, the mousy guy who wants to knock him off, and an older librarian who always throws rock (with the idea that they psyches out her opponents, who always believe this time she’ll throw something else).

The film is total mockumentary in that the characters take their sport very seriously and seem blissfully unaware of how ludicrous it all is. Of course, this might not be so funny if there wasn’t really a Rock, Paper, Scissors championship event really in existence.

If you’re at the IIFF, it’s certainly worth seeking this film out. Whether it’s attached to a longer feature or part of a shorts program, “Roshambo” is a tightly-packed 28 minutes that’s almost worth the price of admission itself.