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Coming to DVD July 27

by on July 25, 2010
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Clash of Titans

In a world of unbridled power, magnificent beasts, good and evil – evil threatens the world and the family of Perseus, the son of the gods with the heart of a man. Hades, lord of the underworld is set to strike, hoping to unleash certain hell in an attempt to acquire the power of the Zeus. Perseus is the only hope to stop him, forced to face a fate he had been trying to avoid he will lead a battle of men against demons and monsters and god against god. Starring Sam Worthington (“Avatar”) and Liam Neeson.

Rated PG-13

Repo Men

In this day and age, humans have found the key to longer life in the form of mechanical organs manufactured by an organization called The Union. But when a recipient can’t afford to pay for the organ they have received, The Union wastes no time in sending their repo men to retrieve what belongs to them, despite any consequences to one’s health. But when one of The Union’s own repo men receives one of their best products following an episode of cardiac arrest, he finds he not only doesn’t care about the job he’s done so well for so long – he also owes The Union more than he might be able to pay up. Starring Jude Law and Forest Whittaker.

Rated R

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