The 13 Greatest “Friday” Moments, The Final Chapter

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We’re talking Jason, not ‘Cube and Chris Tucker here. On Friday the 13th, we have to celebrate the Great and Powerful Voorhees in all of his various incarnations.

Over the years the “Friday the 13th” series has given us plenty, and sure it was mostly bad, but much of it was awesomely bad. Here are the 13 greatest Friday the 13th moments.

6. The Boxing Match: Part VIII

Julius was not only the token black guy, but also a boxer, so we should have known sooner or later it’s gonna come down to fisticuffs with him against Jason. Julius gives it his all, but like Clubber Lang in “Rocky III” (and Julius is no Mr. T, let me tell you), Julius punches himself out, leading him to challenge Jason to take his best shot. He does, and that’s the end of Julius’ boxing career.

5. A familiar…glove-“Jason Goes to Hell”

For years horror geeks wanted to see Freddy and Jason face off in the same film, and the fact that “Jason Goes to Hell” was produced by New Line Cinema, The House That Freddy Built, should have tipped us off that maybe the razor-gloved dream master would make an appearance. But in 1991 it was still just fantasy casting, until the last frames of “Jason Goes to Hell,” where we all expected the close-up on Jason’s mask to reveal his eyes opening inside, but instead revealed Kruger’s signature glove and sweater-clad arm yanking the Voorhees mask to the underwold.

4. This sh*tbox is gross-Part V

Demon and his girlfriend Anita are two characters exist in “A New Beginning” merely to die. When Demon eats a bad enchilada, he runs himself (and his black leather suit) to his trailer park’s outhouse to do a little TCB. When Anita thinks it would be funny to (quite literally) rattle his cage, Demon is a little upset, forcing Anita to serenade her man with a song consisting only of the words “Hey, Baby.” Demon joins in for an outhouse duet with “Ooh, Baby.” If there’s one thing Jason hates, it’s bad songwriting.

3. Spear Gun death-Part 3

Jason doesn’t get his iconic mask until Friday 3D, and does it in grand style. Jason offs the portly prankster Shelly, then taking his mask and harpooning the girl who rejected him. And a legend is born.

2. The Sleeping Bag-Part VII

As I said earlier, Jason’s signature kill, the old sleeping bag to the side of the tree. Rumor has it Kane Hodder, who played Jason in the film, had to perform this move a couple of dozen times, and it was the last time where, frustrated and exhausted, he finally nailed the take.

1. “Kill her, Mommy! Kill her!” Friday the 13th”

The first Friday is as notable for its surprise ending as its gore, and the reveal that the psycho killer in the original was not the spectre Jason, but his doting mother was quite a shock for many. So too was her decapitation death at the hands of Alice, but the real surprise comes after, as the dazed heroine goes onto Crystal Lake in a rowboat and passes out. When she comes to, the police are on their way, but someone else got there first.

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