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How Many Sequels?

This weekend the fourth Resident Evil film is coming out, which has made millions of Americans wonder, “When in the world did they make four Resident Evil films?” Some sequels are big event movies like the welcoming of another Star Wars or Indiana Jones. Most sequels just arrive and are immediately forgotten like the taste of an individual chip. To hopefully prove my point, I’ve created a team of panelists to see if they can remember how many sequels a certain franchise actually has.

So this is my panel: Joe Shearer from this lovely site called The Film Yap; Keith Jackson and Kenny Jones from the immensely popular And the Nominees Are podcast; and Stephanie Bristow, the host of the Ball State entertainment news show called The Reel Deal.


Joe: Ummm, let’s say 6.

Keith: This is a series? No don’t write that! STOP WRITING! 4.

Kenny: Oh s***. 12?

Stephanie: 6.

Real Answer: 9.

Final Destination

Joe: There are 4, currently with the fifth one coming.

Keith: Uhhh, there’s 4 right now but there is going to be five.

Kenny: Do they have…I remember three of them. 3.

Stephanie: 6.

Real Answer: 4 with 5nal Destination coming soon.

Friday the 13th

Joe: If we’re counting Freddy vs. Jason there’s 11—not including the remake, which makes 12.

Keith: Arent there like, 8?

Kenny: Oh s***. Does that include the remake? (Yes). 11?

Stephanie: (Deep sigh) Three.

Real Answer: 12, including Freddy vs. Jason

Nanny McPhee

Joe: There’s two I think.

Keith: There’s two.

Kenny: 2!

Stephanie: 2.

Real Answer: 2.

Police Academy

Joe: (Laughs) Oh, let’s see. I want to say I think there’s 8.

Keith: 4.

Kenny: 4?

Stephanie: Oh I don’t even know. I’ve never even—I’m so ashamed. 2.

Real Answer: 7.


Joe: There were 4, but my wife is saying five.

Keith: Oh, um, 5.

Kenny: (Flustered) 5.

Stephanie: Oh.. 4?

Real Answer: 4


Joe: There were 6.

Keith: 6.

Kenny: 6 including Rocky Balboa!

Stephanie: Isn’t there just 3?

Real Answer: 6


Joe: Wow, Rugrats? I’ll say 3.

Keith: Like the cartoon? (Laughs) I think was at least the one. I mean duh. They went to Paris that one time. I don’t know if that’s the first one. I think that was the second one. I’m going to say 3.

Kenny: Movies? Ummmm, I saw the one. 4?

Stephanie: 3.

Real Answer: 3.


Joe: Saw is 7 coming out this year.

Keith: The next one is going to be the…seventh.

Kenny: 6! That one I’m pretty sure about.

Stephanie: There are 6.

Real Answer: 6 with the 7th coming out in October.

Star Trek

Joe: I better not get this wrong. Counting the remake is 11.

Keith: There’s 11.

Kenny: Oh Jesus Christ. 14! There’s a lot. That’s all I know.

Stephanie: Oh gosh. 7?

Real Answer: 11.

The Thin Man

Joe: I don’t know. I’ll say 3.

Keith: 6.

Kenny: 7. [EDITOR’S NOTE: Kenny apparently only said seven because he looked at my DVD shelf and saw 7 Thin Man boxes not realizing one was a documentary. If he hadn’t looked at that he would have said six.] [ADDITIONAL EDITOR’S NOTE: This matters so much!]

Stephanie: Yeah no clue so I’m going to say 4.

Real Answer: 6.


Joe: This was the third one out now so 3 to date.

Keith: There is going to be 5 films but four actual stories, right?

Kenny: There are going to be 4 with a two-part third one.

Stephanie: Obviously there have been four books so four but there have only been three so far or have there been two? No I’m just going to say 4.

Real Answer: 3 with two more on their way.

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4 Responses to “How Many Sequels?”

  1. Mich47 says:

    I agree, it seems the money is getting more important then the film. Maybe some movies can stand a sequel (or two)??? but four , five or more. they just get worse most of the time. Even Harry Potter, the cast is oldier now, not as much magic and adventure, the film are getting dull.

  2. Nick Rogers says:

    I’m generally with you, although I have no typographical problem with "Se7en." If you squint, it’s a passable "V." Phonetically, though, "Sesevenen" sounds more like a rejected first-draft title for "Sussudio."

    Although restraint isn’t exactly the appropriate word, I do appreciate that the fifth film in "The Fast and the Furious" franchise will just be "Fast Five." The only letter with which "5" can really be swapped is "S."

  3. Joe Shearer says:

    Nick, that’s how I remembered how many there were.

    BTW, one trend that needs to die a slow bloody, painful death is putting numbers into movie titles in unnatural ways. To this day I refuse to call "Seven" by the title far too many of the ubernerds refer to it by, "Se7en." I mean WTF, 7 looks nothing like a V, first of all, and I owned the movie on VHS where the box ID’d it as "seven" (all lowercase), and I just refuse to do it.

    And seriously, just read that phonetically. It’s "Fivenal Destination." And many props on the "Anal Destination" alternate title, and its many sequels (BTW, the fourth one in that series is the best). I’m not calling this movie by that name. FOREVER.

  4. Nick Rogers says:

    I’ve not seen a "Final Destination" movie since the third installment (which had an anticlimactic "Choose-Their-Fate" DVD edition). However, I laugh each time I see the purported title for the fifth film. Call it juvenile, but when I read "5nal Destination," it kind of looks like "Anal Destination." And I bet there have been more sequels to *that* film than any other on this list.