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Black Devil Doll (2007)

by on October 21, 2010
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In terms of pure exploitation I-don’t-give-a-damn craziness, you don’t get any crazier, or less give-a-damn, than “Black Devil Doll.”

Directed by Jonathan Lewis, “Doll” is as foul, offensive. crass, perverse, and borderline pornographic as film gets. And I mean that in a good way.

Heather Murphy stars as Heather (see? This film cares so little it doesn’t even bother making up a name for its main character), a young, nubile, busty lass who decides to play with an Ouija board at precisely the moment a black supremacist-type is being executed for the rape and murder of 15 Caucasian women. His spirit is channeled through the board and into the lilly white ventriloquist dummy Heather happens to have next to her, changing its race and becoming the Black Devil Doll, a somewhat more amorous, darker-complected kin to Chucky.

Heather almost immediately falls for this wild-haired, wild-eyed, and foul-mouthed dummy, leading to a great montage where they frolick, both outside and in, if you know what I mean. Soon, the doll proclaims she’s not enough for him, and he wants to take liberties with her friends as well. Heather hedges, but ultimately allows it, calling her friends over for some fun.

The rest of the film is an amalgamation of puppet-on-human sex, rape, murder, necrophilia, and other things that tend to be featured in exploitation flicks of this ilk. But these guys go even a bit further, namely in three words: puppet money shots.

We get at least two, along with a decent shot of ventriloquist dummy genitalia (let’s just say it conforms to certain stereotypes) that will cause anyone who counts themselves anything less than hardcore exploitation fans to turn away in disgust. I mean this in a good way.

The violence is suitably over-the-top and gruesome, with stranglings, throat-slashings, stabbings and shootings, all gleefully followed by the doll cracking wise in his best ghetto gutter language.

The puppet honestly is the best thing about the film, and Lewis does a fantastic job adapting a puppet into a believable character. His expressions are priceless, and whomever operated the puppet did a masterful job.

The women are soft-core porn specials, stumbling through their lines as well as they should be expected to. Of course, they’re here to show their bodies, and they do that job well. There’s a sequence that must last 5 full minutes where the girls arrive at Heather’s house, and decide to pause to wash their car while the doll watches. They spray each other playfully (and a little more) and do things that women in these kinds of movies tend to do.

In terms of playful sadism, gross-out humor, vile, vicious murder, and utter insanity, “Black Devil Doll” is as good as it gets.