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Celebrity voice casting

In this week’s show, Austin Lugar and Christopher Lloyd yap about the trend toward celebrity voice casting in animated films like “Megamind.”

Some studios find the right actors to fit the character, whether they’re famous or not, while others get hyped up about having a big star and try to mold the movie to fit them. Yeah, we’re talkin’ to you, “Shark Tale.”

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4 Responses to “Celebrity voice casting”

  1. adora says:

    I feel that high priced actors shouldn’t be hired. Many time I hear the voice and
    can’t see the film character because I’m seeing the actor. This really kickes me out of the fantasy. Michael Rosenbaum is one of the best out there at this and I never ‘see’ him when I watch a movie he did a voice for.

  2. MidnightWolf says:

    This is a reason why I don’t watch English dubbed anime movies, whereas I will watch English dubbed series (I still prefer Japanese). I find that the series hire professional voice actors while the movies hire names, like you say. While some actors are also good voice actors (i.e. Clancy Brown, James Earl Jones), most aren’t. In rewatching Disney animated movies, I appreciate hearing many of the same voices, knowing that these are professionals who can craft many characters out of one voice.

    I remember hearing that Paul Shenar, who voiced Jenner in "The Secret of NIMH," asked to rerecord some of his lines after seeing a picture of his character so that he could capture the character more in his performance. That is so much more professional than for the creators to hire celebrities and then design characters that look like their actors.

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  4. Joe Shearer says:

    Good work, gentlemen! Love the insights!