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When stars get old

In this week’s show, Joe and Chris yap about Harrison Ford and other big stars whose careers go through big changes as they get older. Some actors, like Audrey Hepburn, hang it up while they’re still rather young, while others find themselves more or less forcibly retired. We also talk about today’s big stars like Will Smith and Tom Cruise, and prognosticate about the future of their acting careers.

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7 Responses to “When stars get old”

  1. I am one who is glad to see the "older" actors in movies. Yes, their parts change in most, nothing is worse than seeing Sly Stalone still trying to protray Rocky long past a time a boxer should have retired, but in most cases, they try to put them in a part that enhances their talent and brings out the story the best.
    I love watching old movies and classics, but have been enjoying the movies released in the last couple of years that have been done well and use our favorites in great parts.
    I loved Harrison Ford in Morning Glory! Without him, it wouldn’t have been near as good.
    I don’t agree that most movies are for the 13-30 demo. I see too many of us "Old" folks at the movies every time I go for that to be the complete truth!

  2. Aaaaahhhh!!! What is that saying ..Youth is wasted on the young. Maybe. But, without all those silly mistakes(and on occasion very stupid ones) we would not have grown up to be the incredible adults we are today. But, back to the movies …
    I am totally addicted to the movies I see at least 2/week. The truth is I love watching AMC on sundays. The show all the movies from the 30’s-60’s. I guess I agree that almost movies are made for the 13-30 demo.I really don’t know. A movie doesn’t have to geared for the youth or more mature audience ; it just has to be good. P.S. I think that was Diane Keaton In Something’s gotta give.

  3. giegie says:

    I really liked your podcast, you did not mention yet Jack Nichols Jane Curtain they did a very good job in somethings gotta give but I do agree that
    most of the films are made for the young and very young as it is with most everything else, music clothes etc.even though as you said the seniors go to movies a lot but don’t want to see a lot of kids making the same mistakes that they know better of or gotten pass or doing impossible feats just give them a good story real or made up and star who you want

  4. gwinjay says:

    Seems I always comment on Christopher Lloyd
    but have not seen the podcast, this week will be special effort made for the podcast when Stars get old thanks for the preview

  5. misgie says:


    There are some really good newer stars today but not many, this may be because there few good story lines, pictures are being made just to make money and make someone who sings or dances what is now known as a triple threat by adding a film to their credit it works for some but some really ruin a film may have been great

  6. Sheila Fischer says:

    I loved when stars get old. It proves that age is just a number and things DO get better with age.

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