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Capping off Heroes of the Zeroes

In this week’s show, Joe and Chris are joined by Nick Rogers to talk about his monumental project that is just now wrapping up, The 365 Best Films of the 2000s, affectionately known as the Heroes of the Zeroes. He’ll talk about how he managed to come up with a list of the best movies of the past decade, re-watch most of them and keep his sanity. He’ll also discuss his corollary project, Movies You Aught Not Watch, a weekly feature that examines the 52 worst movies of 2000-09.

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One Response to “Capping off Heroes of the Zeroes”

  1. Gina Wagner says:

    Ok, I’m catching up on my Film Yap podcasts today back to back and I am SO glad Nick put "Envy" on the bad list. It is probably THE worst movie I remember seeing last decade. I was so mad that I paid to see it in theaters because there have been movies with Ben Stiller and Jack Black individually that I liked and it even threw in Christopher Walken for comedy measure and was the biggest FAIL. What I remember the most about it being horrible was that the score never fit what was going on — it would be happy during main character’s most pathetic scenes and sad during the apparent happy scenes. SO frustrating to watch and I just wanted to erase it with that aerosol spray.