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Coming to DVD April 26

“Below the Beltway”

In the world of politics, there are more than just two sides at play. Noah Wyle, Tate Donovan and Kip Pardue star in this film about the game of political lobbying. A former insider gets a new perspective as he tries to get back into the game.

Not Rated

“Blood Out”

For Sheriff Michael Spencer (Luke Goss), it’s been hard enough dealing with his younger brother’s murder. But when the detectives in charge of the case refuse to investigate further into the reasons behind the murder, Spencer takes the matter into his own hands.

Rated R

Also on DVD April 26

“Summer Eleven” (Adam Arkin, Rated PG)

“Desert Son” (John Bain, Not Rated)

“Jolene” (Dermot Mulroney and Michael Vartan, Rated R)

“One Way to Valhalla” (Kate Walsh and Gabriel Macht, Not Rated)

“Opa!” (Matthew Modine, Rated PG-13)

“Sacrifice” (Cuba Gooding and Christian Slater, Rated R)

“Sniper: Reloaded” (Billy Zane, Rated R)

Coming soon:

5/3 – The Dilemma (Vince Vaughn, Kevin James)

5/3 – The Green Hornet (Seth Rogan)

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One Response to “Coming to DVD April 26”

  1. Ron says:

    Trailers for Green Hornet looked interesting; gonna catch the DVD when I can.