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Coming to DVD May 10

“No Strings Attached”

Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher take a stab at answering the age old question: Can men and women be just friends … with benefits? Emma (Portman) and Adam (Kutcher) are two close friends who find themselves in a bit of a compromising position one morning after an unplanned encounter. However, instead of letting their friendship fall victim to one night’s indiscretion, the two decide to try something a little different.

Rated R

“Blue Valentine”

In this critically acclaimed film, Dean (Ryan Gosling) and Cindy (Michelle Williams) struggle with maintaining their marriage. Once deeply and delightfully in love, both wind up trapped between the memories of the past and the brutal realities of the present.

Rated R

Also on DVD May 10

“Never Say Never” (Justin Bieber, Rated G)
(Release Date: 5/13)

“Breaking Up is Hard to Do” (Demetria McKinney, Not Rated)

“Chop Kick Panda” (Rated G)

“The Hit List” (Cole Hauser, Rated R)

“Getting High” (Paz de la Huerta, Not Rated)

“Buckaroo” (Simon Baker and Lindsay Wagner, Rated PG-13)

“Cougars Inc.” (Denise Richards, Rated R)

Coming later this month:




“The Other Woman” (Natalie Portman) 5/17





“The Roommate” (Minka Kelly) 5/17





“The Mechanic” (Jason Statham) 5/17

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3 Responses to “Coming to DVD May 10”

  1. Melissa Lechuga says:

    I agree with Jacqui on "No Strings Attached". I think the period mix was so funny. & loved the knock off verse of high school musical..that was icing on the cake. :-) Haven’t seen any of the other ones but really wanted to see "blue valentine"

  2. Jacqui says:

    LOVED "No Strings Attached"!! The period mix was disgusting and hilarious at the same time!!

  3. Mike Nelson says:

    Just had a chance to review Buckaroo the Movie with Lindsay Wagner. For a film the was shot for under 275k, it was very good. Very clean, with a good message. I am tired of all the violence and pervertedness of today’s films. I recommend this family film to anyone!