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Coming to DVD June 7

by on June 6, 2011
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Just Go With It

Danny (Adam Sandler) is a skilled plastic surgeon who puts his trust in the hands of his assistant, Katherine (Jennifer Aniston), every day on the job. When he meets a beautiful young teacher, Danny enlists Katherine to act as his ex-wife to help him in a scheme that gets entirely out of hand.

Rated PG-13

True Grit

Jeff Bridges takes on the legendary role of Rooster Cogburn in this Western tale of one girl’s journey for revenge. Mattie Ross is out for blood after the ruthless killing of her father and she turns to Cogburn for help in tracking down her father’s killer, Tom Chaney. The two set off to find Chaney before he’s found by a ranger named LeBoeuf (Matt Damon), who’s looking for him in connection with another murder.

Rated PG-13

Also on DVD June 7

“Blue Crush 2” (Chris Fisher, Rated PG-13)

“The Company Men” (Ben Affleck and Chris Cooper, Rated R)

“Love’s Kitchen” (Claire Forlani, Rated PG-13)

“Shadows and Lies” (James Franco, Rated R)

“Pros and Ex-Cons” (Sam Worthington, Rated R)

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“Hall Pass” 6/14




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