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Two’s a Crowd

by on July 12, 2011
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After more than four years of marriage, Collette Stallone and Allen Sheinman are ready for the next big step: moving in together.

That’s the premise of this cute and funny documentary from Jim and Tom Isler, which follows this anything-but-ordinary New York City couple as they decide to carry each other over the threshold of Collette’s apartment.

Allen is very upfront about the reason for this move now: At ages 57 and 55, respectively, they’re not getting any younger. And they have virtually nothing saved up for retirement. So they’re ditching his $1,800-a-month one-room apartment — that’s one room, not one bedroom — for her relatively expansive place, which is rent-controlled at $800 per month.

“Two’s a Crowd” is a portrait of people who find love later in life or, in the case of Allen and Collette, for a second time. They each married and divorced long ago, and if it weren’t for Internet dating, they’d probably still be single. When you’ve been on your own for decades a time, it’s harder to let people into your space, both emotionally and in terms of real estate.

If nothing else, the short is an excruciating — or, depending on your perspective, excruciatingly entertaining — peek at living in Manhattan. It’s a litany of cramped rooms and dodgy layouts that would send any sane apartment seeker in any other city running and screaming; Collette’s shower, for instance, is located smack dab in her kitchen.

But mostly this story is less about square footage than the interior of this pair’s hearts. I enjoyed visiting with them, but I also felt like I was seeing them as a zoological exhibit rather than getting to know them.

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