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I daresay audiences missed the boat on “Arthur.”

This cute and clever remake of the 1981 hit romantic comedy starring Dudley Moore manages to follow the plot of the original fairly closely, but results in a very different — but nearly equally enjoyable — film experience.

That’s mostly due to the casting of British comedian Russell Brand in the title role. Brand, known for his bad-boy image and hedonistic film characters, plays a sweet, almost innocent man-boy multi-millionaire happily drinking and partying away his life.

Unlike Aldous Snow, Brand’s hedonistic character from “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and “Get Him to the Greek,” his Arthur has a good streak a mile long — hidden underneath a wastrel life of debauchery.

Brand shows us the character’s vulnerable and tender side, and it’s something we’ve never seen out of him before. Turns out the Brit known for hardcore comedy has a softie inside.

As in the original, Arthur is threatened with disinheritance unless he marries a woman from an appropriate family (played by Jennifer Garner in rhymes-with-witch mode). But then he falls in love with a sweet working-class girl (Greta Gerwig) and decides to risk it all, with the tacit approval of his servant/life-lessons teacher Hobson, played by Helen Mirren.

Audiences stayed away in droves from this remake, but for once the reboot was actually a welcome one. Brand creates a thoroughly charming character who actually makes us forget about Dudley Moore, if only for a little while.

Video extras are the same for both Blu-ray and DVD versions and are a bit disappointing.

You get “Arthur Unsupervised,” a behind-the-scenes look at production with Brand and director Jason Winer. It promises “fun footage, outrageous photos and ad-libs too wild for theaters.” Meh.

There’s also a gag reel and 10 minutes of deleted/extended scenes.

There’s also a combo pack available that includes Blu-ray, DVD and digital copies of the film.

Film: 4.5 Yaps
Extras: 3 Yaps

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3 Responses to “Arthur”

  1. Leslie G says:

    I enjoy Russell Brandt and like the type of comedy he provides. I rented the movie and I enjoyed it. I did not know it was a remake of a movie so I cannot make any comparison. I just liked it for what it was on its own. I did not watch the extras on the dvd so I cannot comment on that. It is worth a watch to me.

  2. Cathy Alley says:

    Having grown up in the era of the original "Arthur" and loving Dudley Moore’s version of the character, I could not begin to vision the new version being near as brilliant. I had no desire to view this film, scoffing at the ads on television. As is so prominent with today’s films that are not so classic, I figured they had shown the best of the film in the clips. This article has me rerouting my thoughts. I think I will take a look at the new film and actually give Russell Brandt a chance.


  3. Adam vibbert says:

    Still cannot believe I did not see this in the theaters. I liked the original one and really enjoy Brand’s characters. I do not have enough time to go to every movie but this is one I wished I had seen! 4.5 yaps it must be good!