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Aqua Unit Patrol Squad: Season 1

Master Shake, Frylock and Meatwad are back and throwing caution to the wind because while many people ask why, this trio of talking fast food asks why not?

“Aqua Teen Hunger Force” has never been what you would call stable. In one episode, Carl, the crazy, sex crazed neighbor, could be murdered by aliens and be just fine the very next episode with no mention as to how he was back or even alive. The group’s landlord is a centuries-old vampire, they have fought a giant robot bunny and the list could go on and on. These irregularities have always been the source of comedy on the show, and 10 years later, the insanity continues with “Aqua Unit Patrol Squad.”

In the season opener, “Allen Part 1,” Frylock, Shake and Meatwad have decided to start up their own business as crime fighters and, of course, brand themselves with the name Aqua Unit Patrol Squad. At first, business is slow, so at Shake’s insane request, the group is going to cryogenically freeze itself for nine years in hopes that super villains will run so rampant that the business will flourish. Of course, just before freezing, Frylock and Meatwad jump out and leave Shake to freeze, allowing an unfortunately shaped alien to do his “business” with Shake for nine years. The season only gets better from there.

The insanity of this show has always been hilarious since its debut, and I think one of the biggest punch lines of the show is the title. At first glance you have to ask yourself, “Did ‘Aqua Teen’ get cancelled?” No, no it didn’t. After 10 years, series creators Matt Maiellero and Dave Willis decided they didn’t like the title, so they changed it because, well, they could.  The only other change to the show is the opening sequence. No longer will we hear the rap fans have come to love, but a new retro opening that would make Shaft jealous.

The story arcs, if there really ever were any, are just as zany as ever. One of the best episodes of the season is “The Creditor.” While in therapy, Shake divulges that he has defaulted on a loan and is now being hunted by a coke-snorting predator known as the Creditor. Oh, how I love the play on words. Shake sends the cracked-out Creditor to kill his friends by ripping out their spines. The best moment is when Meatwad’s time is up but when the Creditor reaches in, he can’t find any bones.

One of the most surprising facts is that the DVD set is a joke on fans. When you look at the discs, they are labeled incorrectly. The one that says “Aqua Unit Patrol Squad” is really the last 7 episodes of “Aqua Teen Hunger Force” and likewise. I thought it was a clever ruse that left me scratching my head a little bit.

The DVD set also contains the final seven episodes of “Aqua Teen Hunger Force’s” final season, which are perfect to help ease viewers into the “new” format of the show.

“Aqua Unit Patrol Squad: Season 1” is a must-have for fans of the show and definitely keeps the good times coming.

Season: 4 Yaps
Features: 4 Yaps

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One Response to “Aqua Unit Patrol Squad: Season 1”

  1. Corey Miller says:

    Aqua Teen is one of my favorite cartoons. Sure, the animation is bad (it’s done on purpose, naturally) and the jokes are juevenile, but for the 15 minutes it’s on I’m able to just laugh at the immaturity.