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Robot Chicken: Season 5

Do you remember how your mother wanted you to play outside more because watching endless hours of television would rot your brain? Well, Seth Green and Matt Senreich apparently didn’t listen to their mothers, and now they are stinking rich and have an Emmy-winning show. Lesson is, never listen to your mother again. Television will make you lots of money. OK, that’s not true but “Robot Chicken’s” fifth season is making its way onto DVD, and life couldn’t be sweeter.

This is normally the paragraph where I give a brief rundown of the overall story. But to do that for “Robot Chicken” would just come across as psychotic as the show. However, for those of you that have been living under a rock, the show starts off with a mad scientist picking up a deceased chicken off the road and rebuilding it to be stronger and faster because, well, he had the money and the time. Once among the living once more, the chicken is forced to watch multiple shows all at once that consists of robots humping washing machines, wounded gummy bears, a fight between Betty Crocker and Sara Lee…*Head Explodes*

The fifth season of “Robot Chicken” starts off with a bang as the opening skit mocks the D-day invasion with Green and Senreich leading a handful of the cast into battle. As the group storms the beach, bullets fly everywhere and pick off multiple characters. Classic punchlines are revisited, such as an unfortunate gummy bear getting trapped in a bear trap, and it is just as funny as the first time.

The creators of the show aren’t pulling any punches and definitely aren’t running out of steam anytime soon. Another classic skit is “Smurfatar,” where Gargamel’s latest dastardly scheme is to transfer his brain into the body of a Smurf so he can infiltrate their colony, but along the way he learns to love the Smurfs and be one of them. The best part of the joke…SPOILER ALERT…really…if you don’t want to know don’t keep reading…is when Gargamel sees Smurfette bathing in a pond and her chest is blurred out. Gargamel turns to the camera and asks why she is blurred because Smurfs don’t have nipples.

The chicken finally escapes his torturous constraints in the milestone 100th episode, but happy endings don’t come that easy. The season finale is just icing on the cake to another stellar season, and let’s hope there is a lot more to come. I must stand up and applaud you, Mr. Green, Mr. Senreich and company.

The special features are plentiful in the DVD release. There are multiple featurettes, deleted scenes and deleted scenes that never aired that are hilarious. It was extremely interesting to hear Green and company explain why these tidbits of humor didn’t make the final cut.

I highly recommend you buy this season and watch it again and again and again.

Season: 4.5 Yaps
5 Yaps


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