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Coming to DVD and Blu-ray Dec. 27

by on December 26, 2011
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“Brighton Rock”

Helen Mirren stars in this film about a young man desperate to make a name for himself in a world of murder and organized crime. Suspected in an unsolved killing, Pinkie (Sam Riley) sets his sights on a young woman who may know more than he’d like her to.

Rated R

“Apollo 18”

In an unofficial mission, two astronauts were sent into space by the U.S. Department of Defense, following the last known mission by Apollo 17. Sent to the moon, the astronauts recorded their mission. This film is footage from that trip, said to hold the secrets to why the United States has never gone back.

Rated PG-13

Also on DVD and Blu-ray this week:

“Pool Boys” (Matthew Lillard, Rated R)

“Final Destination 5” (Miles Fisher, Rated R)

“A Good Old Fashioned Orgy” (Lake Bell, Rated R)

“In the Name of the King II” (Dolph Lundgren, Rated R)

“The Hunters” (Dianna Agron, Rated R)

“Game Time” (Jason Hurt, Rated PG-13)

“Pete Smalls is Dead” (Steve Buscemi, Unrated)