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Coming to DVD & Blu-ray May 29

Man on a Ledge

On a seemingly ordinary day, Nick (Sam Worthington) steps out onto the ledge of a New York City skyscraper. With the public eye quickly gathering below him, watching his every move, Nick sets into motion an intricate plan to prove his innocence, as he stands accused of stealing a rare diamond. Also starring Elizabeth Banks and Ed Harris.

Rated PG-13


Coriolanus (Ralph Fiennes) needs the vote of the people of Rome to take his leadership as General in the Roman army to a more powerful position. But his reputation has put him at odds with the people who despise and banish him after he incites a violent riot. His banishment leads Coriolanus into a quest for one thing: revenge on Rome. Also starring Gerard Butler, Jessica Chastain and Vanessa Redgrave.

Rated R

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One Response to “Coming to DVD & Blu-ray May 29”

  1. I really liked Man on a ledge!, I thought it was suspenseful until the end. I really loved the way it kept you captivated when he kept threatening to jump!