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Win “Get the Gringo” on Blu ray!

by on July 16, 2012
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Enter here to win a copy of “Get the Gringo” on Blu ray!

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1) Go to any page on The Film Yap (, read the story and leave a comment at the bottom of the page. Please be creative! Engage other readers!

2) Send an e-mail to, telling us which story you commented on, and including the secret code phrase “Lethal Weapon” (double bonus points if you know the code’s significance!).

“Get the Gringo” hits on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital download on July 17th!

Car chases, bloody bodies and a hard-core prison… all in a day’s work. Mel Gibson’s vacation plans take a turn for the worse in the raw, explosive and action-packed GET THE GRINGO, arriving on Blu-ray, DVD and digital download July 17 courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and Icon Productions.
Gibson stars as Driver, an American criminal who violently crashes his car through the border wall as he tries to outrun the U.S. Border Patrol and coming to a screeching halt in Mexico. Having survived the crash only to land inside a hard-core Mexican prison, Driver enters the strange and dangerous world of “El Pueblito.” In the middle of this ruthless penal colony, Driver must do whatever it takes to survive, even if he must turn to the unlikely guidance from a 10-year-old kid who shows him the ropes.
On July 17th, fans will be able to experience this explosive tale of revenge, survival and friendship on Blu-ray and enjoy many special features including a behind the scenes look in Get the Gringo: A Look Inside. Music lovers will get a special treat as they get a taste of original music from the film in “El Corrido del Gringo” Music Video and viewers craving even more action can enjoy a look into the making-of three pivotal scenes as the filmmakers take you on the set of shooting the car chase, the showdown and the raid.

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