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Little Boat

by on July 19, 2012
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A mere four minutes of wondrous animation, “Little Boat” is the tiniest of movies with an outsized impact. Despite its blink of a running time, it feels complete in and of itself.

Director/animator Nelson Boles has crafted a short film of poignancy and depth despite its complete lack of language other than the visual medium. A tiny sailboat travels from left to right on its journey, which takes it through all sorts of situations and dangers. There is joy, storms, danger, war and destruction — including of the little boat, which grows increasingly shabby.

But then something unexpected happens and then another, and … the boat’s journey continues.

“Little Boat” is a demonstration of how a few hand-drawn images set to motion with the barest of ornamentation can be so evocative and emotionally charged. This is small cinema, writ large.

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