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Snow White and the Huntsman

The only thing worse than having two different Snow White adaptations competing for our attention is that neither one of them turned out to be worthy of more than five minutes of it.

First came “Mirror, Mirror” in the spring with a winsome, comedic takeoff on the Brothers Grimm fairy tale. It managed to be more cute than funny. Then for summer, we got “Snow White and the Huntsman,” a down-and-dirty version where Snow grabs a sword and shield and takes it to the evil Queen.

Alas. First-time director Rupert Sanders and star Kristen Stewart may have shared some heat in real life, but it’s certainly not up on the screen. This is a long, listless affair featuring a whole bunch of pouting, interrupted occasionally by action scenes with a heavy CGI assist.

And we get the insertion of an unnecessary element, a pumped-up repository of Y-chromosome fortitude — the eponymous Huntsman, played by Chris Hemsworth fresh off his “Thor” stint. The Huntsman is big and brutish, tagged by the Queen (Charlize Theron) to kill young Snow, but instead signing up as Snow’s right-hand man.

Usually in these sorts of movies, it’s the useless female character crammed into the mix. It turns out doing it the other way doesn’t work any better.

The seven dwarves are here, suitably grizzled and alienated as befits the material. And Theron has a few cool scenes as the sorcerous queen, who wants to ensnare Snow so she can suck out the soul to preserve her unearthly beauty. The Mirror on the Wall is turned into a creepy, drippy golem of molten gold whispering in her ear.

Video extras are splendid. The DVD comes with an extended version of the film, a making-of featurette and feature-length commentary by Sanders and his creative team.

Go for the Blu-ray upgrade, and things really get interesting. An interactive viewing feature for tablet or computer lets you pop in and out of the story for behind-the-scenes peeks. There are also featurettes focusing on rejuvenating the fairy tale, casting the key roles, creation of special effects and a 360-degree tour of the kingdom.

Film: 3 Yaps
Extras: 4.5 Yaps

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5 Responses to “Snow White and the Huntsman”

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  2. JacquiMovieLover says:

    I had mixed feelings about this film. I detest Kristen Stewart’s pitiful excuse for acting, but I LOVE Chris Hemsworth and agree that Charlize was an exceptional wicked queen.
    I, personally, preferred Mirror, Mirror for the simple fact that I was able to take my children to see it and they thought the dwarves were hysterical.
    Thanks for the review and I look forward to picking this one up on Blue Ray for the extras!!

  3. maverik85 says:

    I felt that overall teh film was successful but it did fall flat on a few fronts. The casting in general was good and Kristen Stewart did a better job than her usual but I still feel she is just not the strongest person to carry a film.
    I feel like storywise it needed a little tweaking though, what we had was alright and while it drug at times it never got too bogged down. However we never really get much out of the characters we do have aside from the 3 primaries.
    Prince William’s lack fo development is especailly glaring when he is brought back. Don’t really know what he has been doing all this time or anything about him. And he is apparently still in love with and devoted to Snow White only to find out that she deosn’t love him and loves this random Huntsman and doesn’t seem to care. Was more interested in that triangle then most of the random conversations we were subjected to off the others talking about Snow.
    I’m really curious to see where that goes and if we will ever get to see it as it seems they have let Kristen Stewart go and deciding to focus solely on the huntsman in future sequels.

  4. cowpox81 says:

    Definitely will get the blu-ray for the extra features but i also think that the huntsman version was MUCH better than mirror and as much as i love julia roberts charlize theron surpasses her as a much better evil queen!

  5. scott75 says:

    This movie was entirely too long. It didn’t help that you’re forced to watch Kristen Stewart and her same monotonous look and tone.
    If they could’ve cast someone else in the role of Snow White and left out the pointless dwarfs this movie might’ve been okay. The one redeeming quality was Charlize Theron- she was great as the evil queen.