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by on September 24, 2012
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In the realm of inappropriate understated  comedies, Larry David reigns as the unofficial king here in the states.  If there’s a connection to be made, “Klown” would be best described as a Danish “Curb Your Enthusiasm”.

The drab matter-of-fact writing shines through in “Klown” and also stands as a testament to the universal appeal of raunchy humor.  In the grand scheme of things taboo-defining films are pretty self-sufficient in their ability to transcend language.  “Klown” is very much a product of Denmark, and I say that knowing virtually nothing about the Danish culture.  Yet, the quirkiness of the humor shines through as something uniquely European.  Despite comparing it to the likes of Larry David, the film stands very much apart from anything American.

The plot itself revolves around two rather disdainful individuals, Frank and Casper, who can be best described as lazy slackers reluctantly making their way through adulthood.  The two have an annual camping trip planned in which Casper dubs simply as the “Tour De Pussy”.  Along the way, Frank attempts to prove he’s father material by kidnapping his girlfriend’s son Bo, and bringing him along on the trip in order to form a father-like bond with him.  Casper on the other hand sees the trip as a vacation from his responsibilities at home, and an opportunity to get laid by any means necessary.

Despite being exhibiting rather despicable qualities throughout the film, you can’t help but side with the duo despite their antics.  In the case of Frank, his ineptness as a father and husband is almost made out to be endearing.  Casper is a self-proclaimed man whore and very much proud of the fact, but when paired up with Frank the two have unnervingly likeable qualities.  Supposedly the actors playing the two lead characters are essentially playing exaggerated forms of themselves.  This aspect of stark reality paired up with perversely dark undertones is prevalent throughout the film and lends itself to the overall comedic value.

To say that “Klown” is a dark comedy would be quite the understatement.  In fact, it would appear that no taboo is safe from scrutiny in the film.  Amidst the pedophilia, rape, drugs, booze, sexuality, adultery, and abortion, “Klown” does a pretty thorough job of addressing as many touchy subjects as possible in under 90 minutes.  All the while, the film keeps the audience engaged and rolling with non-stop laughs.  It’s hard to make the aforementioned taboos the central comedic theme, but “Klown” simultaneously makes you laugh and feel ashamed of yourself all in one fell swoop.

Albeit, painfully uncomfortable at times, “Klown” is also surprisingly heartfelt.  The bond that grows between Frank and Bo is incredibly organic and not at all forceful or contrived.  Their connection is made even stronger by the gauntlet of shame that they traverse together.  Even Casper who is wholly rooted in sleaziness manages to win you over with his brash ineptness.  To be frank, “Klown” is certainly not for everyone.  At it’s worst, the film is capable of offending even the most seasoned veteran of schlock.  Yet, if depravity is your forte, this film is undoubtedly right up your alley.

In terms of the blu ray itself, the release is packed to the brim with extra goodies.  The special features include a behind-the-scenes featurette, a director’s commentary featuring Frank and Casper, as well as a full episode of the television series of which the movie is based off of.  Aside from that there are also a slew of deleted scenes, making-of segments, and even an outtake reel.  “Klown” on blu ray has everything a fanboy could dream of.

Film: 4.5 Yaps
Extras: 5 Yaps