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That Guy: Michael Ironside

Here are a few of Ironside's more memorable bastards, creeps, charlatans, and, you know, the occasional gruff good guy as well.

That Guy: Frank Langella Contest Winner and Answers

The winner of and answers to our first "That Guy" contest!

That Guy: Frank Langella

Whether playing an intimidating, remorseless, self-serving politician, a bombastic villain or a fatherly boss, no one does it better than Frank Langella.

That Guy: Jeffrey Jones

This fire-haired rapscallion's debauchery isn't limited to the movies.

That Guy: Tommy “Tiny” Lister

Lister, with his signature lazy eye and bald head, has carved out a niche playing thugs, heavies, and villains. Most of the time.

That Guy: Keith David

The "That Guy" who babysat Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez, fought Roddy Piper, and coined the phrase "How the hell did you get the beans above the frank?"

That Guy: Brian Cox

Your grunt of choice if you want a larger-than-life, bombastic, borderline overbearing personality who will make your good film great.

That Guy

Joe and Chris yap about Danny Trejo and other background actors who occasionally step into the spotlight.