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Crocodile Gennadiy

Documentary filmmaker Steve Hoover’s sophomore feature effort “Crocodile Gennadiy” is a riveting film with an equally riveting subject at its core. Gennadiy Mokhnenko is a man of the cloth, but that doesn’t stop him from going outside the law to do what he believes is right. Pastor Gennadiy began his one-man crusade to help the […]
blood surf main

Blood Surf (2000)

“Blood Surf” is neither “Big Wednesday" nor "The Endless Summer,” but for Schlock lovers it’s a movie that rides high on a wave of blood and gore. Gnarly, dude.

Hell House thumb

The Legend of Hell House (1973)

Filled with sexuality, eerie Gothic imagery and a ghost-on-girl love scene, "The Legend of Hell House" is a top-notch horror classic.
where the road int

Where the Road Runs Out

"Where the Road Runs Out" features a message of transformation and returning to one's roots to find their core self will resonate with many of the audience.

violet int


"Violet" is a departure for director Luiso Berdejo. But it clearly embodies his distinctive style, and his voice resonates loudly with this indie gem.

Uzumasa Limelight

“Uzumasa Limelight" is a moving piece of cinema that charms and shines the spotlight on one of Japan’s premier Kirareyaku artists, and its ending is beautiful.

Seventh planet int

Journey to the Seventh Planet (1962)

Everything about "Journey to the Seventh Planet" would land it on most people's "worst of" list, but those aspects make it right at home in the Schlock Vault.
Mechagodzilla int.

Terror of Mechagodzilla (1975)

In the final film of the Showa era, Godzilla returns to display the badassery that earned him the moniker "The King of the Monsters."

barracuda center

Barracuda (1978)

A weakly plotted conspiracy thriller disguised as a "Jaws" ripoff, "Barracuda" has little in the way of thrills and even less bite.
Starcrash int.

Starcrash (1979)

"Starcrash" is a not-so-epic adventure set in space that borrows heavily from another film set in a galaxy far, far away.

Vietnam lead

Last Days in Vietnam

Using interviews and archived footage, Kennedy weaves a riveting tale about a period in American history that people either choose to forget or simply ignore.
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Point and Shoot

"Point and Shoot" is an intimate look at a man with OCD and how it powered his "crash course in manhood."

black widow int.

Blood Widow (2014)

"Blood Widow" embraces all things Schlock and delivers one helluva good time.
informant int


"Informant" will bring a complex story to new people, but with no new revelations, it plays more like a college term paper than a hard-hitting documentary.