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Indy Style — January 20

Matthew Socey gives his list of the top five cinematic presidents, plus reviews of "Split" and "20th Century Women."


M. Night Shyamalan is aware of silliness inherent in "Split," bends our expectations to his purposes and sneaks plenty of genuine scares in between the smirks.

The Sundowners (1960)

Part Australian outback travelogue, part adventure story and part family dramaturgy, "The Sundowners" is a largely forgotten classic worth revisiting.

“Hidden Figures” surges ahead of the pack

"Hidden Figures" looks like the runaway hit of the early year, best all newcomers as "Rogue One" starts to fade.

The Girl on the Train

Despite a strong performance by Emily Blunt, “The Girl on the Train” loses momentum as it goes rather than gaining it.

Indy Style — January 13

On this week's show Chris reviews "Patriots Day," "Silence," "Live By Night," "Elle," "Sleepless," "Monster Trucks" plus "The Accountant" on video.


"Silence" represents the culmination of a great filmmaker’s cinematic representation of his own struggles with faith and religion — which aren't the same thing.

Live By Night

Ben Affleck certainly knows how to shoot himself as a director, and how to shoot himself in the foot as a screenwriter.