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About Christopher Lloyd

Christopher Lloyd was born and raised in Orlando, Fla., loving movies. During high school, he worked at the same cinema where he saw “Star Wars” as a small boy. Over the course of the summer of 1986 he watched “Aliens” nearly 100 times, and had all the moments when the audiences’ heads snapped back in surprise timed down to the minute. After transferring to several different colleges, he set his sights on a career in film journalism. He received a B.F.A. in Cinema Studies at New York University, and a M.S. from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. Twice he took a year off from school to earn money to continue his education, returning to his old movie theater as a manager. During the second hiatus he also wrote movie reviews for a small Orlando suburban weekly. Upon graduation from Medill, his first attempt at paid journalism was an article on the film comedies of Adam Sandler for Orlando’s alternative newspaper, which earned a $25 kill fee when they refused to run it. Lloyd eventually got a position at a small weekly (later daily) newspaper in Lady Lake, Fla., writing mostly political news but making a weekly 3-hour trek down to Orlando for press screenings of new films. This trend continued when he worked for the Star-Banner a few miles north in Ocala, first as a political reporter and later entertainment editor. After 10 years of making the journey to Orlando to review movies, Lloyd still believes he could make the drive blindfolded. In 2005, he was appointed entertainment editor at The Indianapolis Star, and later became an arts & entertainment reporter, always writing occasional film reviews. In April 2008 he began reviewing movies on a freelance basis for a few client newspapers, chiefly the Sarasota Herald-Tribune. Lloyd is currently a freelance journalist and blogger living in Indianapolis with his wife, Jean, and an excess of animals.
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Fort Tilden

A funny and smart look at New York City Millennial women flailing and failing to make it to the beach, and through life. Continue reading

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Spare and bleak, “Bluebird” is about a life-changing event in a blue-collar community, and how it reverberates through various lives. Continue reading

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4 yaps

I Believe in Unicorns

There’s not a whole lot of story to “I Believe in Unicorns,” but the evocative imagery and convincing performances buoy it along. Continue reading

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2 yaps

Kumiko the Treasure Hunter

“Kumiko the Treasure Hunter” is the sort of movie destined to be loved by critics, and not many others. Continue reading

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4 yaps

Big Significant Things

A one-man road trip movie, “Big Significant Things” heralds a mature star-making performance by Harry Lloyd. Continue reading

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For an Indy Film Fest schedule and showtimes, click here. “Skook” is the sort of movie you see a lot at indie film festivals from young artists making their first feature films. They showcase twentysomethings who are wandering emotionally and … Continue reading

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3.5 yaps

The Westerner (1940)

Despite some handsome production values and an Oscar-winning performance by Walter Brennan, the tone of “The Westerner” tumbles all over the prairie. Continue reading

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Sequel goes ape at the box office

Despite pessimistic prognostications, “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” goes big with a $73 million haul in weekend ticket sales. Continue reading

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4 yaps

Under the Skin

This weird, moody and highly original horror/sci-fi starring Scarlett Johansson as a mysterious killer will delight some and confound many. Continue reading

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4.5 yaps

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Smart and soulful, “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” is the best piece of spectacle this summer has to offer. Continue reading

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