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The Overnight

The Overnight

It may essentially be one randy sketch stretched out to 79 minutes, but "The Overnight" carefully balances between goofiness and thoughtfulness.
Terminator Genisys - lede

Terminator: Genisys

The fifth Terminator flick is something old, something new, a whole lot borrowed, and that's left me feeling blue.

Chris Pratt stars as a velociraptor trainer in "Jurassic World," a 2015 Universal Pictures release.

“Jurassic World” still king of box office

"Ted 2" opens listlessly, leaving "Jurassic World" and "Inside Out" to reign at the box office.
Get Hard - inside

Get Hard

"Get Hard" may wallow for its laughs, but it still earns them.

Indy Style - inside

Indy Style — June 26

This week's show includes reviews of "Ted 2," "Me and Earl and the Dying Girl," "Escobar: Paradise Lost," "Max" and "Run All Night" on video.
Escobar Paradise Lost - inside

Escobar: Paradise Lost

Benicio del Toro anchors this solid, engaging drama that starts out a little too kiss-kiss and ends with an overabundance of bang-bang.