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Gods of Egypt - featured

Gods of Egypt

A prime candidate for "Mystery Science Theater 3000" heckling, "Gods of Egypt" is a trashy movie that can be enjoyed for its sins.
Indy Style - featured

Indy Style — May 27

On this week's show Chris reviews "X-Men: Apocalypse," "Alice Through the Looking Glass," "The Lobster," "Love & Friendship" plus "The Finest Hours" on video.

Alice Through the Looking Glass - featured

Alice Through the Looking Glass

An unexpectedly pretty penny, "Alice Through the Looking Glass" surpasses its predecessor by cogitating on Lewis Carroll's characters and dizzying world.
Thelma and Louise - featured

The Tyranny of the Six-Pack

In this podcast, Christopher Lloyd is joined by Ed Johnson-Ott to talk about how depictions of men's bodies on film have changed over the past quarter century.

Up the River - featured

Up the River (1930)

One of John Ford's earliest sound pictures, the jailbird comedy "Up the River" first introduced audiences to Humphrey Bogart and Spencer Tracy.
The Angry Birds Movie - featured

Birds not so angry about box office haul

Birds go big with a $39 million opening weekend to knock "Captain America: Civil War" out of the top spot.

The Finest Hours -  featured

The Finest Hours

It may not win many points for originality, but "The Finest Hours" is a solid blend of action, drama and historical celebration.
Indy Style - featured

Indy Style — May 20

On this week's show, Chris reviews "The Nice Guys, "The Angry Birds Movie," "The Meddler," "Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising," "A Bigger Splash" plus "The Witch" on video.