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Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit MURDERS someone. Then brags about it.

Call Me By Your Name

This breezy, whimsical movie about romance that happens to be between two men is one of 2017's best.

Joe’s Top 10…and More

It's a little late, but here are Joe's picks for the Best films of 2017, and a few more good ones you may have missed.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

A thrilling continuation of the "Star Wars" saga that creates a new "Star Wars" experience without sacrificing nostalgia.

Darkest Hour

A film of speech rather than action, "Darkest Hour" coasts on a strong performance by Gary Oldman.

Heartland: Rob Reiner

The director discusses his new film "LBJ," politics, and Andre the Giant.

The Trip to Spain

A fun, breezy comedic romp centering on two actors bantering during a trip to Spain.

4 Casino Movies That Actually Focus on the Gambling

Over the years, there have been numerous movies set in the Nevada desert city of Las Vegas, such as Ocean’s 11, The Hangover and Showgirls. Meanwhile, a few other directors have chosen to focus on the age-old pastime of gambling in their films, as is the case with Rain Man and Casablanca. However, there are […]