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Lights Out - Featured

Lights Out

Yes, it has a spooky ghost and plenty of supernatural scares, but what will truly get under your skin is its focus on the darkness of our everyday lives.
Born to Be Blue - Featured

Born to Be Blue

Ethan Hawke delivers the best performance of his career in this raw and refreshing musical biopic.

Hello Doris - featured

Hello, My Name is Doris

Sally Field steals the show in this sweet little indie film that exposes the raw humanity beneath its hilarity.
Harvest Lake - Featured

Harvest Lake

A fresh, surreal take on the sexually charged cabin-in-the-woods genre.

The Witch - Featured

The Witch

A nightmare from the past, a New England folktale and the first great film of 2016.
The Choice - featured

The Choice

This kind of film is like junk food. You know it's bad, but you still find yourself savoring every disgustingly sweet moment.

Room - featured

Sam’s Top 10 Films of 2015

It was an emotional year at the movies. Here are the films that strummed Sam's heartstrings.


An ornate, bittersweet slice of life that hits a few grace notes but meanders too much to reach greatness.