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Coming to DVD April 6

by on April 4, 2010
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Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call – New Orleans

New Orleans post Hurricane Katrina is the backdrop for this cop drama starring Nicolas Cage and Eva Mendes. Terence McDonagh (Cage) is a detective who entertains his dark side while patrolling the crime ridden streets of New Orleans. As his city reels in devastation in the aftermath of the hurricane, McDonagh begins a dangerous spiral through drugs and crime and passion with a sultry prostitute, Frankie Donnenfield (Mendes).

Rated R

Dolan’s Cadillac

When a young school teacher witnesses the tail end of a crime, she and her husband are forced to seek federal protection from Las Vegas mobster, Jimmy Dolan (Christian Slater). Though the two find protection, it doesn’t last long. With the young woman killed, her devastated husband, Robinson (Wes Bentley), vows to seek revenge against his wife’s killer. Doing so won’t be easy. Based on a story by Stephen King.

Rated R

Home of the Giants

A young journalist (Haley Joel Osment) soon finds himself in the middle of his own story in this coming of age tale. Gar is a reporter for his high school newspaper, covering the basketball team’s chance to win the state championships. As he tags along with the team and his friend Matt (Ryan Morrison), the teams star player, things go terribly wrong and in one night everything from friendships to the title are go on the line.

Rated PG-13

Also on DVD April 6

The Collector (Josh Stewart, Not Rated)

Autumn (David Carradine, Rated R)

Jade Warrior (Rated PG-13)