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The 13 Greatest “Friday” Moments, Part I

by on August 13, 2010

We’re talking Jason, not ‘Cube and Chris Tucker here. On Friday the 13th, we have to celebrate the Great and Powerful Voorhees in all of his various incarnations.

Over the years the “Friday the 13th” series has given us plenty, and sure it was mostly bad, but much of it was awesomely bad. Here are the 13 greatest Friday the 13th moments.

Honorable Mention: Crispin Glover’s Wacky Dance-“The Final Chapter”

Just watch. That’s all.

13. Banana Hitchhiker-TheFinal Chapter

As our gang of teens are driving to their doom in the woods, they pass a big-boned hitchhiker looking for a ride, and perhaps more. But all she gets from our gang are taunts, so she gives them the finger. Dejected, our spurned rider sits down to enjoy a banana, and only gets one bite in before Jason dispatches her Crystal Lake style.

12. Sleeping Bag Redux-Jason X

The sleeping bag kill from Friday VII is arguably Jason’s signature kill, a moment he revisits in “Jason X.” Here, our heroes attempt to distract uber-Jason by setting up a holographic simulation ala “Star Trek,” with two nubile young nymphs taunting Jason with their marijuana and their premarital sex. Jason gives them the what-for, though, highlighted by this scene.

11. Tommy takes down an icon-“The Final Chapter”

Before Corey Feldman grew up to look like two completely different people in the next two films, he was just a fun-loving kid who loved his dog, monster masks, and peeping at the teenage girls skinny dipping. But when Jason came calling, he stepped up big time, proving to be Jason’s one unkillable nemesis. Hm…whatever happened to Tommy Jarvis, I wonder?

10. “He’s deader’n sh*t”-“Jason Goes to Hell”

“Jason Goes to Hell” has arguably the greatest opening sequence of any of the “Friday” films. It starts with Jason pursuing what he thinks is a routine victim through the woods, only she’s a Narc and has a SWAT team ready to pounce, taking Jason out with automatic weapons and a grenade. Cut to the morgue, where the coroner is going through the leftover bits, until he spies Jason’s big black heart. The coroner becomes possessed by Jason’s evil devil worms and takes a big bite out of the heart, allowing the worms to enter his body, effectively possessing him with Jason’s spirit. The big man then escapes, but before he does he takes down the two cops who were talking smack about him (including Jason himself, Kane Hodder, cameoing as one of the doomed trash-talking pigs).

9. Liquid nitrogen-“Jason X”

When Jason is found in the future, frozen, pursuing a would-be victim, our Jetsons-reject heroes think they have a big-time archaeological find. What they have is death coming for them, starting with Adrienne, who has the misfortune of thawing the big man out. So he drags her to the conveniently nearby vat of liquid nitrogen, shoves her face in, and smashes it on the table. That’s what she gets for calling him ugly.

8. Bacon, well done-“Friday the 13th”

Yes, of course we all remember Kevin Bacon as one of the early deaths in the first Friday. While for its time it’s a visually interesting scene, it’s also next to impossible. How could anyone laying under a bed possibly shove an arrow through a mattress and through a human’s flesh (much less the back of the neck)? Wouldn’t the arrow break from that kind of stress? Oh well, it still looks cool. As a bonus, you get the uncut version of this scene.

7. He hurt me, ma!-Part V

If you ask me, “A New Beginning” gets the short end of the stick because of the “imposter Jason” storyline. Yeah, it’s bush league, but Part V still is still in many ways a brilliant piece of trash art. Take Ethel and Junior, the white-trash neighbors of the Unger Institute of Mental Health, where Tommy Jarvis has been taken in the aftermath of his encounter with Jason. After spending the film threatening to kill the residents if they don’t stop sneaking onto their property to fool around, Ethel and Junior meet their ends at the sharp end of Roy the ambulance driver’s machete.

Stay tuned for Part II, The Final Chapter!

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