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My All American - featured

My All-American

"My All-American" is sure to be remembered among "Hoosiers," "Rudy" and other iconic sports pictures.
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GOOD NEWS!! We have extra passes for MY ALL AMERICAN! The screening is on Monday November 9th at 7pm! Want passes?? Go to : ***WHILE SUPPLIES LAST*** Synopsis: What Freddie Steinmark (Finn Wittrock) wants most in the world is to play football. Deemed too small by the usual athletic standards, his father trains him […]

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INDIANAPOLIS!!! WIN PASSES TO SEE MY ALL AMERICAN, MONDAY NOVEMBER 9th at 7pm!!! 1) go to Share the post about this contest. 2) Go back to and comment on the post about this contest and tell us what’s your favorite sports movie? Synopsis: What Freddie Steinmark (Finn Wittrock) wants most in the world […]
In this Thursday Jan. 15, 2009 file photo, airline passengers wait to be rescued on the wings of a US Airways Airbus 320 jetliner that safely ditched in the frigid waters of the Hudson River in New York, after a flock of birds knocked out both its engines. The audio recordings of US Airways Flight 1549, released Thursday, Feb 5, 2009 by the Federal Aviation Administration, reflect the initial tension between tower controllers and the cockpit and then confusion about whether the passenger jet went into the river. (AP Photo/Steven Day)

Aaron Eckhart and Tom Hanks team up for “Miracle On The Hudson” movie

Aaron Eckhart & Tom Hanks are going to fly. Tom Hanks will be Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger. In 2009, some birds got into the engine of Sullenberger’s plane. Sullenberger was able to safely splash down on The Hudson River, saving the lives of everyone on board. This was called the Miracle on The Hudson. Aaron […]

Olympus Has Fallen - inside

Olympus Has Fallen

This implausible but highly entertaining thriller was the first of this year's terrorists-take-over-the-White-House trend.
Olympus Has Fallen - inside

Olympus Has Fallen

This tightly-coiled action/thriller is basically a "Die Hard" spawn, with one lawman trapped in the White House with a bunch of terrorists.

Batman anticipation - inside

Reinventing Batman: Part Two

Pitting Batman against Harvey Dent and The Joker, Christopher Nolan's second of three films officially changes the comic-book movie forever.
Rum Inside

The Rum Diary

"The Rum Diary" feels more like a bad hangover than the party that caused it.