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Olympus Has Fallen - inside

Olympus Has Fallen

This implausible but highly entertaining thriller was the first of this year's terrorists-take-over-the-White-House trend.
Olympus Has Fallen - inside

Olympus Has Fallen

This tightly-coiled action/thriller is basically a "Die Hard" spawn, with one lawman trapped in the White House with a bunch of terrorists.

Batman anticipation - inside

Reinventing Batman: Part Two

Pitting Batman against Harvey Dent and The Joker, Christopher Nolan's second of three films officially changes the comic-book movie forever.
Rum Inside

The Rum Diary

"The Rum Diary" feels more like a bad hangover than the party that caused it.

Battle-LA inside

Battle: Los Angeles

If "Independence Day" and "District 9" had a baby "Battle: Los Angeles" wouldn't be it.
Battle Los Angeles

Coming to DVD June 14

Owen Wilson and Jason Sudiekis take a break from marriage in "Hall Pass" and Aaron Eckhart fights for America's future in "Battle: Los Angeles" on DVD this week.