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Albert Nobbs

by Christopher Lloydon May 8, 2012
Albert Nobbs is more a parable than a person, and "Albert Nobbs" plays out more closely to a fable than an authentic tale.

Nowhere Boy

by Lauren Whalenon January 23, 2011
This stunning portrait of a teen John Lennon should have been bigger than Jesus.

Nowhere Boy

by Christopher Lloydon October 17, 2010
A moving story about a boy whose life would have been interesting enough to justify a movie about it even if he'd never gone on to be one of The Beatles.


by Christopher Lloydon August 3, 2010
The most polarizing film of the year gets an ass-kicking video release replete with awesome features.

Coming to DVD August 3rd

by Jessica Sieffon July 31, 2010
Comic book somewhat-superheroes fight crime in "Kick-Ass," Ewan McGregor stumbles upon political secrets in "The Ghost Writer" and Christina Ricci discovers the "After.Life" on DVD this week.

Aaron Johnson, aka “Kick-Ass”

by Lauren Whalenon April 15, 2010
The Yap's Lauren Whalen talks comics, indies and tabloids with the "Kick-Ass" star.

Chris reviews Kick-Ass

by Christopher Lloydon April 15, 2010
Chris offers his take on the comic book movie with a taste for ultra-violence.


by Lauren Whalenon April 15, 2010
Superhero shenanigans meet satirical snark in this much-anticipated comic caper.

The Greatest

by Lauren Whalenon April 9, 2010
Mixing a talented cast and heartwrenching subject matter, this wannabe tearjerker doesn't live up to its superlative title.