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Rogue One

It's easily the weakest of the "Star Wars" saga. But this prequel still is better than most science-fiction out there and builds momentum rather than losing it.


“Moana” is a completely original and delightful tale that pulls its inspiration from the mythology of the various Polynesian cultures.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

The first of the “Star Wars” anthology films, “Rogue One” is a middling expansion of the universe with a lot of style but little heart.


Disney delivers with this instant classic that's part anthropology, part mythology and pure imagination.


A middle-shelf offering from the Disney animation empire, entertaining with a little too much message for the intended audience.

Big Hero 6

A gentle tale of a boy and his robot that morphs into a superhero story, "Big Hero 6" is a schizophrenic flick that treats secondary characters like add-ons.


The best animated film of 2013 gets a lush video release.


Easily the best animated film of the year and featuring some terrific songs, "Frozen" will warm the cockles of the cartoon lover's heart.