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Star Trek Into Darkness

It is astonishing to me that fanboys consider the second “Star Wars” trilogy a soulless sellout, but deem J.J. Abrams’ hyperactive “Trek” flicks awesome. Continue reading

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“ATM” has the makings of a good horror movie, but in the end it just doesn’t have enough in the bank to make a withdrawal. Continue reading

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Men in Black III

“Men in Black III” gets brownie points simply for not being “Men in Black II.” A reasonably engaging bit of disposable entertainment. Continue reading

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The Raven

This macabre, occasionally mournful tale of Edgar Allan Poe’s pain & fear doesn’t quite go into darkness peering. But it’s no thriller at which you’re jeering. Continue reading

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She’s Out of My League

A passably enjoyable gross-out romcom, “She’s Out of My League” has as much to do with Gen-Y self-loathing as straight-out romance. Continue reading