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British Film Focus

Terry Gilliam's new film, a hardcore British prison drama and Tom Hardy does "Phone Booth" in a car

‘Non-Sequel’? Nonsense.

In response to breathlessly hyperbolic branding of "Man of Steel" as a "non-sequel," Nick investigates the biggest opening weekends for TRULY original movies.

Jack the Giant Slayer

Maybe the best of the fairy tale adaptations by default, "Jack" is affable but unmemorable.

The Burton Binge: “Alice in Wonderland”

This week, Tim Burton tumbles down the rabbit hole, delivering a surprisingly personal commentary along the way.

Jane Eyre

"Jane Eyre" has great moments of visual-based character moments, but the script keeps this from being the perfect adaptation.

Cinematic Pet Peeves

A number of critics chime in one what little things in movies are bugging them lately.

Alice in Wonderland

An unholy and wholly unnecessary matrimony between Tim Burton and Lewis Carroll's fairy tale.

Coming to DVD June 1

Tim Burton and Johnny Depp take on "Alice in Wonderland" and Beneicio Del Toro takes on a darker persona in "The Wolfman."