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Spy - lede


Melissa McCarthy's winning screen presence saves this spy spoof, which has several gut-busting laughs along with long stretches of dullness.
The Duff - inside


I went to see a dumb teen comedy and found a smart and sassy rumination on modern high school sociology. Mae Whitman recalls a young Winona Ryder.

Get On Up movie review inside

Get On Up

The James Brown story does everything most other musician biopics do, but none of them does it better than "Get On Up."
Bad Words - inside

Bad Words

Some movies seem dark, but for the most part they’re pretenders. “Bad Words” is not one of them, barreling into offensive territory and daring you not to laugh.

Tammy - inside


Melissa McCarthy's winning screen presence nearly carries "Tammy," but this raunchy comedy needed a few more spins through the screenplay wash cycle.
Bad Words - inside

Bad Words

This pitch-black comedy directed by and starring Jason Bateman is a masterpiece of discomfort.

The Help - inside

The Help

A moving and surprisingly funny portrait of Southern womanhood in all its gritty glory and brittle pettiness.
Finding Nemo inside

Pixar Talk: Finding Nemo

Victoria and Austin can't stop agreeing about how this holds up as one of the Pixar classics.