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by Christopher Lloydon August 20, 2013
A little movie with big ambitions, "Epic" is a nice-looking animated flick with too much story going on.

Les Misérables

by Christopher Lloydon March 22, 2013
Though it didn't get the respect and Oscar bling it deserved, "Les Misérables" was the most emotionally transporting cinematic journey of 2012.

Les Misérables

by Christopher Lloydon December 23, 2012
Epic yet intimate, "Les Misérables" is a standing-ovation triumph.

British Film Focus

by Zoe Chapmanon November 16, 2012
Bond, Bilbo, breakthrough Irish comedians and a bold choice for "Les Miserables" highlight Zoe's look at cinema from across the pond.


by Patrick Mitchellon February 25, 2012
You'll almost have to laugh at the irony after realizing that much like the title suggests, both your money and your dignity will be missing after this flick.

In Time

by Joe Donohueon February 22, 2012
It is quite ironic that "In Time" teaches us not to waste time yet steals two hours of viewers' lives.

A Bag of Hammers

by Joe Sheareron July 12, 2011
Part zany comedy, part searing drama that, when it's on, really works.

Red Riding Hood

by Christopher Lloydon June 14, 2011
This Gothic whodunit based on the classic fable is so self-serious it often ends up being profoundly silly.

Red Riding Hood

by Christopher Lloydon March 10, 2011
Like the Brothers Grimm by way of "Twilight," with ancient forebodings about creatures of the night used as grist for the mill of angsty teenage lust.

Letters to Juliet

by Caine Gardneron September 13, 2010
“Letters to Juliet” is a unique creature, as it is a romantic comedy that doesn’t fall into the usual ruts associated with the genre.