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And the Nominees Were — 1940

by Austin Lugaron August 18, 2011
The guys watch some great Hitchcock films and a few melodramatic duds.

And the Nominees Were — 1939

by Austin Lugaron July 16, 2011
The guys look at one of the most beloved years in Oscar history.

Please Don’t Remake These

by Austin Lugaron April 14, 2011
Austin surveys a group of film critics to figure out what films should never be remade.

And the Nominees Were — 1938

by Austin Lugaron February 9, 2011
Another year where Frank Capra and Spencer Tracy show they own this town. (And that's OK!)

My Name is Keith

by Austin Lugaron October 22, 2010
Guest commentary about a college student having the chance to work on MY NAME IS JERRY.

And the Nominees Were – 1937

by Austin Lugaron October 8, 2010
The podcasting trio talk about 10 more films including The Life of Emile Zola, The Awful Truth and A Star is Born.

How Many Sequels?

by Austin Lugaron September 7, 2010
Austin put together a panel of podcasters, a Yapper, and a TV host to see if anyone knows how many sequels are in a franchise.

And the Nominees Were – 1936

by Austin Lugaron September 2, 2010
The Great Ziegfeld won Best Picture this year beating out some great films and some boring ones.

And the Nominees Were – 1935

by Austin Lugaron August 4, 2010
Another long set of nominees, but there were more winners this time including Captain Blood and Top Hat.

And the Nominees Were – 1934

by Austin Lugaron June 25, 2010
Austin and friends continue their trek through Best Picture nominees with classic films like The Thin Man and The Gay Divorcee. Whoo!