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Rebecca inside

And the Nominees Were — 1940

The guys watch some great Hitchcock films and a few melodramatic duds.
Gone With the Wind inside

And the Nominees Were — 1939

The guys look at one of the most beloved years in Oscar history.

Remakes inside

Please Don’t Remake These

Austin surveys a group of film critics to figure out what films should never be remade.
You Can't Take It With You inside

And the Nominees Were — 1938

Another year where Frank Capra and Spencer Tracy show they own this town. (And that's OK!)

My Name is Jerry inside

My Name is Keith

Guest commentary about a college student having the chance to work on MY NAME IS JERRY.
Life of Emile Zola inside

And the Nominees Were – 1937

The podcasting trio talk about 10 more films including The Life of Emile Zola, The Awful Truth and A Star is Born.

How Many Sequels inside

How Many Sequels?

Austin put together a panel of podcasters, a Yapper, and a TV host to see if anyone knows how many sequels are in a franchise.
Great Ziegfeld inside

And the Nominees Were – 1936

The Great Ziegfeld won Best Picture this year beating out some great films and some boring ones.

Mutiny inside

And the Nominees Were – 1935

Another long set of nominees, but there were more winners this time including Captain Blood and Top Hat.
It Happened One Night inside

And the Nominees Were – 1934

Austin and friends continue their trek through Best Picture nominees with classic films like The Thin Man and The Gay Divorcee. Whoo!

Cavalcade inside

And the Nominees Were: 1932/1933

Another year, another set of nominees. Which one did Austin and friends decide is one of the worst so far?
Grand Hotel2

And the Nominees Were – 1931/1932

In the never-ending quest to see all of the Best Picture nominees, Austin Lugar ended up pretty much liking the fifth set.


And the Nominees Were – 1930/1931

A surprisingly good batch of films...except for the winner.
Oscars3 inside

And the Nominees Were – 1929/1930

This year we have perhaps the greatest war movie ever made, an lovable musical, and sadly three others.