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Finding Dory

Though it can't hold a candle to its GOAT-contending predecessor, "Finding Dory" is a warm-hearted romp that we just enjoy having around.

Finding Dory

Though it can't hold a candle to its predecessor — a rather bright flame to be held against — "Finding Dory" is nonetheless an agreeable and welcome follow-up.

Here’s some Finding Dory Plot Info

Ellen Degeneres’s & many Finding Nemo fan’s wish has finally come true. There will be a Finding Nemo sequel called Finding Dory. At first, Finding Nemo director Andrew Stanton thought the original movie wrapped everything up & that there was no need for a sequel. But then, he started to wonder if Dory would be […]


Merida has a rightful place among Disney's other princesses; too bad the rest of the film doesn't hold up.

John Carter

Chris rises in defense of "John Carter," a sprawling, ambitious epic that's been unfairly maligned as one of the greatest flops of all time.

John Carter

An oft-confusing, occasionally silly mega-expensive thrill ride that, for sheer audacity, is the biggest thing to come down the cinematic pike since "Avatar."

Pixar Talk: Finding Nemo

Victoria and Austin can't stop agreeing about how this holds up as one of the Pixar classics.

Pixar Talk: A Bug’s Life

This week Victoria and Austin can't pin down why this movie isn't memorable despite great characters and beautiful animation.