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The 2014 Indy Film Fest selection The Chaperone

The Chaperone

A simple but not simply told tale, "The Chaperone" is a short film not to be missed.
Ralph - Inside

Wreck-It Ralph

A colorful and imaginative voyage into video games, with plenty of potential enjoyment for kids and parents alike.



For newbies to horror, this richly animated film is an enchanting introduction.

Arthur Christmas

Despite a lot of the holiday movie clichés, “Arthur Christmas” still has enough charm and holiday spirit to warm your heart and bring a tear to your eye.

Pirates inside

The Pirates! Band of Misfits

This silly comedy ended up being one of the best underseen movies of the year.
PAraNorman inside


A charming, fun look through the world of the creepy crawlies, "ParaNorman" is a kids' movie with bite.

madagascar-3-europe-s-most-wanted inside (1)

Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted

An uneven but ultimately entertaining film, "Madagascar 3" isn't a classic, but it's not meant to be.
WALL-E inside

Pixar Talk: WALL-E

Austin gushes about his favorite Pixar film. Victoria loves how gorgeous it is. And they muse about whether or not the movie is actually political.

Ratatouille inside

Pixar Talk: Ratatouille

Victoria watched this Pixar gem for the first time. Will she be charmed or grossed out by a rat working in a kitchen?
Winnie the Pooh inside

Winnie the Pooh

A sweet little slice of apple pie, "Winnie the Pooh" was one of the overlooked gems of the summer movie season.

Batman Year One inside

Batman: Year One

The DC Home Video team takes on one of the most beloved graphic novels with great success.
Incredibles inside

Pixar Talk: The Incredibles

Victoria and Austin return to talk about the cleverness of powers, strength of family and the problems that face the superhero genre.

Monsters Inc inside

Pixar Talk: Monsters Inc.

This week, the duo talks about how Boo is the most adorable kid ever and how cool the door chase scene was. In a very academic way, of course ...
Toy Story 2 inside

Pixar Talk: Toy Story 2

Victoria and Austin discuss how this is a companion piece to the original, Al is gross and Bullseye is bionic.