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Alice Through the Looking Glass

It died a quick death at the box office, but "Alice Through the Looking Glass" is a charming, colorful romp that exceeds the original.

Garry Marshall is no longer with us

Garry Marshall is no longer with us. He was 81 when he had a stroke and caught pneumonia. He directed iconic movies like “Pretty Woman”, “Princess Diaries”, and “Runaway Bride” that would turn people such as Julia Roberts and Anne Hathaway into instant household names. We also can’t neglect to mention that Garry discovered Robin […]

Alice Through the Looking Glass

An unexpectedly pretty penny, "Alice Through the Looking Glass" surpasses its predecessor by cogitating on Lewis Carroll's characters and dizzying world.

Garry Marshall, Anne Hathaway interested in ‘Princess Diaries 3’

Good news for “Princess Diaries” fans! If you’ve been hoping for another movie, you just might get your wish. Director Garry Marshall and Anne Hathaway are interested in teaming up for “The Princess Diaries 3”! The ball’s not officially rolling yet, but Marshall said that they are both interested in doing a third movie in Manhattan. They […]

The Intern

An enjoyable comedy that is predictable and innocuous as writer-director Nancy Meyers follows a well-worn path.

Here’s the official trailer for “The Intern”!

Here’s the official trailer for “The Intern”! In “The Intern,” Ben Whittaker  (Robert DeNiro) just got a new job working for a fashion website. Sounds pretty normal so far, right? Well, his new job is being an intern for Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway), who created the website. Ben ends up liking his new job & […]


Christopher Nolan's ruminative space odyssey falls short of lofty goals, but it's still an oft-mesmerizing journey — even if you can't always hear the dialogue.


"Interstellar" never failed to engage me, but it also never fully satisfied me, either. The film's sheer grandiosity underscores its plot shortcomings.