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Captain America: The Winter Soldier

by Nick Rogerson April 2, 2014
With aggression more akin to Christopher Nolan's Batman films than Marvel's pop spectacle, this sequel tests Cap's mettle & metal in mighty, entertaining ways.

The Fifth Estate

by Christopher Lloydon October 17, 2013
Well-acted but ineptly plotted, this look at Julian Assange and his anti-secrecy crusade is a better idea for a movie than the one they made.

Pain & Gain

by Christopher Lloydon April 25, 2013
A hard-to-watch parade of misfires, the ostensible comedy "Pain & Gain" ends up fetishizing the very warped muscle culture it set out to parody.

Gangster Squad

by Nick Rogerson April 21, 2013
Blunt and brisk in its own inoffensive way, "Gangster Squad" is still a piece of meathead cinema and one that's mostly sizzle, no steak.

Man on a Ledge

by Christopher Lloydon January 26, 2012
Wants to be a fun and zippy thriller, part heist flick and part revenge catharsis, but the moving parts fit together a little too neatly.

Real Steel

by Christopher Lloydon January 24, 2012
Though hardly a cinematic knockout, "Real Steel" is an amusing, if overly sappy, father/son redemption story with impressively cool robots.

The Adjustment Bureau

by Christopher Lloydon June 21, 2011
It seems free will is not so free in "The Adjustment Bureau," a bit of trippy entertainment that makes up for its lack of thematic depth.

The Adjustment Bureau

by Christopher Lloydon March 2, 2011
Less a rumination on free will than a potboiler with some intellectual pretensions, "The Adjustment Bureau" is a pleasant-enough middlebrow mind trip.

Heroes of the Zeroes: The Hurt Locker

by Nick Rogerson May 19, 2010
"The Hurt Locker" — the Zeroes' best fictional film about the real war — continues Nick Rogers' look back at the 365 best films of 2000-2009.

The Hurt Locker

by Christopher Lloydon July 28, 2009
"The Hurt Locker" is a tough, unsparing and brutally honest portrait of the war in Iraq.