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ReelBob: Steve Jobs

A compelling drama that celebrates intensity & individualism, while doggedly displaying emotional prices paid for a man's single-mindedness & self-absorption.


"Jobs" is not a grand biopic, but it's an enchanting reminder of the childlike wonder with which we should view technology and its creators.

Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview

“The smallest company in the world can look as large as the largest company in the world on the Web. [It] is going to be the defining social moment for computers.” –Steve Jobs, 1995 The portrait of Steve Jobs who emerges in this largely raw footage of the Apple giant in a 1995 interview with […]

South Park: Season 15

After 15 years, those lovable, foul-mouthed Colorado boys are as funny as ever and prove that no one is safe from their wrath in the 15th season.

Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview

"Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview" is a lively encounter with a very real, if flawed, modern oracle.