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‘Non-Sequel’? Nonsense.

In response to breathlessly hyperbolic branding of "Man of Steel" as a "non-sequel," Nick investigates the biggest opening weekends for TRULY original movies.
The Hobbit - inside

The Hobbit: The Story So Far

...but it's still a year until Part One!

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Between Then and Now: the Evolution of Special and Visual Effects In Film

A look back at how special and visual effects have changed the cinematic landscape, from Tron to Tron: Legacy.
Harry Potter commentary inside

The Success of Harry Potter

How did a book series that started 12 years ago become one of the highest grossing franchises in film history?

Avatar - inside

Avatar (Extended Collector’s Edition)

James Cameron's new Extended Collector's Edition of "Avatar" contains hours and hours of new goodies to experience.

The Last Airbender

Oh, "The Last Airbender," how do I loathe thee? Let me count the ways:

Avatar - inside


It's a shame that "Avatar," a truly watershed epic and the top-grossing film of all time, is being given such a bare-bones video release.
Crazy Heart

Coming to DVD April 20

It's a big week as "Crazy Heart" and "The Lovely Bones" hit DVD April 20 and the record breaking "Avatar" takes over shelves on April 22.


Is 3-D the future?

Is 3-D the wave of the future, or the latest fad soon to fade from local cinemas?
Bigelow wins

Oscar reflections

In this week's show, Joe and Chris ruminate and pontificate about the Oscar winners and losers and the show itself.

Oscar Liveblog!

This is it! We'll be live-blogging the Oscars from 7 p.m. until the big show wraps up.
Brothers in Oscar

Oscar predictions

It's time for the main event: Chris and Joe give their picks and predictions for this Sunday's Academy Awards!

Brothers in Oscar

Oscar race is on!

Joe and Chris debate the winners, losers and surprises from Tuesday's Oscar nominations.
Blind Side - inside

Oscar nominations: Surprises, disappointments

The 2009 Oscar nominations were filled with surprises and disappointments, with "Avatar," "The Hurt Locker" and "The Blind Side" riding high.